Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Crowning glory. . . . . .

On days when your hair looks gorgeous it gives you an instant boost of confidence.
If you are having a really good hair day you feel so much better.
Bad hair days, not so great and disguising it with some type
of head covering may have to be the answer.
I do like hats!

Hair is often what people notice first, followed by your smile, and that 
will be all the more brilliant if you're feeling good about your hair and

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Looking in the mirror I really don't know what to do about my hair.  
I've been growing it for just over a year now and it's a very slow process. 
This may be natural to me, or maybe it's because I had my thyroid removed
 and now have to take medication. My hair is thinning and falling. . . . . . . this
 all makes growing such a chore. Yes, being honest here, it's a real chore!
I've always had good hair, fine texture but quite thick and dead straight.
Now there's much less and it has become wavy underneath making 
blow drying it stick straight much more work.
Add to all this the tool of today, the flat iron/straightener. Even with a lower
 temperature setting and so-called heat protector potions, this baby can destroy
 your hair, if you use it often. I now see split ends which I never had when my hair
was trimmed every five weeks!

My hair appointment is later this week!


  1. I really enjoyed how you compose this blog post. And I agree hair is something that others notice about you from the start...yet we must fight it entirely defining us. When I decided to allow my hair to be its natural colo,r which is gray now...certain definitions come into focus. And that is okay because in reality most were true! Find a style that works for you (meaning you can style it alone) and that you feel good with...and do not mind the inevitable changes that will come.

  2. Well you know me and my hair or lack of. I have had autoimmune diseases since I was about 13 and that is when I lost most of my hair. I have tried wigs...hated them. I feel best just being silver very little hair me. I guess since I have dealt with this most of my life I am resigned.

  3. . . . . . and I love "silver-haired" you dear Penny.

  4. I'm a low-maintenance hairstyle gal. Until about 5 years ago I colored it and wore it in a medium length bob. But one day I decided to let it go gray and had my hairdresser cut it short. Right now it's really short (like Judi Densch short), and I'm very happy I made that decision. For me it just really made sense and my husband likes it. Win/win for both of us. ;) Good luck with your decision, Mary.

  5. All I can say is do what makes you the happiest. Sometimes my hair dresser gets irritated with me because she will think she did the perfect hair cut and then I want to keep tweaking it. It is always a process.

  6. Dear Mary, I really liked your March 2014 short hair. What I like about loger hair is that I can wear it "up" or tied back with a ribbon. Have you tried that? When my hair is short I have to curl it every day. That is just too much trouble and too time consuming for me.

    1. Yes, I did do the really short layered style back then but found it more to deal with than my usual one length bob, so I grew it out again. Now it's a lob (long bob) I guess and I'd certainly be tying it back on these hot days if was long enough - have inches to go before I'll be able to do that though! Guess I'll keep going through the summer months and see if it speeds up - you never know I might be tossing it in the breezes of autumn!!! Come Friday it will look beautiful when I leave the salon - it's the following weeks when I must do it myself which will be a challenge.
      Mary -

  7. I'm in much the same place as you BUT I've made my decision and tomorrow I'm going shorter again. I know I'll probably feel scalped at first but I'm looking forward to having short hair again. I too take thyroid meds, have thinner, stick straight hair. I like for my hair to look nice but I hate messing with it.

  8. My hair is giving me similar fits. I met an old friend today whom I had not seen in twenty years. She used to wear her hair very long, but now is wearing it in the cutest little pixie cut. It suits her completely. She says that she hates it, but it is her reality now that she is older and no longer has the thick hair of former years. Anyway, since our conversation, I have wondered what my hair would look like in a pixie cut. ☺

  9. Just got my hair cut the shortest it's ever been and I love it. I always must wore it clipped up onto of my head and it was messy, but I'm not a girly girl and don't like to mess with it. Ditto makeup. The easier the better as far as I'm concerned. I clean up nicely, but not too often.

  10. Dear Mary, you certainly hit a nerve in the 'what do I do with my hair now that I am aging' population! Including me. In July 2016 after a Type2 diabetes diagnosis I decided to change the way I lived/ate and try to reverse what was happening. I was 74. Always had thick hair even as I aged and didn't anticipate that adopting a new way of eating would impact my head of hair. It did. I have learned that a great thickening spray product and the clever use of a same color as my hair) kind of scrunchy elastic hair piece (Christie Brinkley) which I wrap aroaund hair I can now pull back or up works beautifully! Keep growing your hair. Until you CAN pull the bob back/up. Be creative. This is a no-fuss, good-look way of coping. You can see the result in my blog header photos.

  11. I have never been really happy about my hair but have come to "sort of" accepting it as something I can not really change without drastic measures (which I will not take).
    It is very thin, not much of it, and straight; I turned grey very early (runs in the family) but am keeping my original brown with the help of the magic little bottles my hairdresser uses on me every 4 weeks.
    Right now, it is longer than it has been for years. Every now and then, I have such a "long-haired" phase, until I'm sick and tired of it and have it all cut short again. We'll see how long it lasts this time :-)
    On the few photos of you that I have seen so far, you always look very well turned out, as if you'd never have a "bad hair day"!

  12. Hair is such a piece of our identity. I coloured my hair for about 10 years and now I've let it go silver. I'm liking it very much and although my mother thinks grey hair should be short, mine is almost to my shoulders and I love it. I can tie it back if needed.
    Every so often it seems that we want to tweak our hair and change things up a little. It sounds like you're in that stage. I hope you find something you like that you can care for. Enjoy your salon visit on Friday.


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