Thursday, June 14, 2018

Garden birds on a June Morning. . . . . . .

The bird bath waits for morning visitors.
View from the dining room window.

A few showers now and then have left the garden looking green and healthy this week.
The fig tree is getting gigantic. I swear the pruning I did has made it grow even
 bigger this Spring. After the fruiting season (and it's loaded with tiny figs) it will
 require another pruning once the leaves fall.

 I'm heading out this morning to fertilize the veggies before rain arrives this afternoon.
The birds have been busy, many of the babies have fledged and are now 'learning the ropes' so to speak.  
Some I see being fed by their parents. 

Adult females - a Northern Cardinal and two House finches sharing the 'squirrel-proof' feeder.

 FYI - yes this  feeder really works by spinning the squirrels off without injuring
 them if they attempt to feed, and of course they do!  Expensive, but
very sturdy - we've had it at least two years, leave it up year-round, and have
 only had to recharge the battery a few times. It also holds a lot of seed so obviously
 doesn't require filling as often as smaller feeders, another plus.

Baby Northern cardinal.
No red bill yet but probably a female.

Baby House finch in the back garden - perhaps one of 'ours' recently fledged
 from the front porch!

Brown thrasher on suet in the fig tree. Both male and female continue to
 take food to the nest so there are still babies - I am guessing they will be 
fledging any day now.
Below, I managed to get a shot of it in the privet where the nest is located - a
very quiet, private and cautious bird when nesting.

Juvenile Mockingbird in the fig tree - note a couple of tiny figs just 
above its head.

"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"

Well it's looking lush and green right now prior to the arrival of more really
 hot weather - all next week in the high 90's predicted, phew!


  1. You always get such lovely shots of your birds. xo

  2. Mary, Mary, your garden is a delight for birds and blog readers alike!

  3. Hi Mary, you have an amazing garden. Love the fig tree and LOVE brown thrasher. Actually, I loved all the birds! Thanks for sharing. Greetings, Jo (South Africa)

  4. Oh those lovely birds!!!! :) Great photos Mary. Your little bird bath area is so pretty and I love that bird house!!!

  5. The garden looks great. The bird photography is stellar! I have seen some video of that type of feeder and it is hilarious!

  6. Mary your yard and garden looks so inviting and refreshing. I love birds also and love to watch them at the feeders and bird baths. You have some wonderful shots of your visitors, or should I call them tenants? Isn't it exciting to see so many varieties and watch their habits and interactions with the others. I'm going to have to give that bird feeder a look as we are having a terrible battle with the squirrels. And there's an errant chipmunk who has honed his/her climbing skills up the shepherd's crook to sit on the seed feeder and fill his cheeks. I've yet to be able to get to the window and take his picture before he sees me.

  7. Mary, it all looks so fresh! We have hit the triple digits here, and already things are looking stressed. They predict rain for our weekend. Certainly hope they are on target! We need rain! The birds obviously have found a wonderful home in your garden.
    Have a great summer, my friend.

  8. All of that looks so inviting .. to me, to the birds. But, I gotta tell you, the fig tree is what caught my attention. I love figs. Be glad when yours gets ripe. Well, I won't have any and that's a bummer, but someone will.

    1. Wish you lived closer, you could come share the harvest in late July/early August as many neighbors and friends do.
      Planted a tiny 18" tree from the garden center in 2008, never dreaming it would grow so well. Nature does amaze!!!

  9. Oh I got a glimpse of some hydrangeas in the garden. I always love your bird pictures. They are all wonderful.


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