Monday, February 8, 2016

A Flash In The Pan. . . . . . .

TOMORROW is Shrove Tuesday!

It's also often just called Pancake Day in the UK. 
Last year I sadly forgot Shrove Tuesday - shame on me.
I didn't get around to making delicate English pancakes - similar to French crêpes,
 not thick and heavy like American pancakes - until after the traditional
 celebration which is held on the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.
Shrove is from the English word shrive which means to obtain
 absolution for one's sins by way of confession and penance. 

Of course you can enjoy eating pancakes any day. I made some last week for
a dessert treat after a bowl of soup when we skipped a heavy entrée.
 Shrove Tuesday pancakes are a tradition which started as a
 way to use up rich ingredients including butter, milk, eggs which were not eaten
 during Lent.

The more you do something the easier it becomes, and making a pancake batter
 is simple. Pancakes are one of life's enjoyments, for children and grown ups,
 and not only on Shrove Tuesday but on rainy days, for breakfast, a luncheon,
 or at teatime and of course a dinner time dessert. The ingredients we just
 about always have on hand - flour, eggs, milk and butter. I suggest using a
 good butter and rich milk. The lazy way is to whiz everything in a blender but you
 then miss the pleasure of gently whisking the batter by hand to pale gold
 smoothness in your favorite bowl. Plenty of recipes can be found online for
 these traditional pancakes - try different versions and will soon find your favorite.
 I use my mother's of course!
Whether you serve them folded or rolled it's your choice.
At their simplest, and probably their best, just sprinkle with little sugar and
 squeeze fresh lemon juice over. Delicious!

Make some English pancakes soon. I'll be cooking for
 special company this Shrove Tuesday and pancakes
are on the menu for dessert!


  1. Beautiful photography Mary. I'm not a lover of pancakes .... actually, I'm not a sweet/pudding person. Give me savoury anyday but I'm in the minority. Your pancakes do look delicious though and I could be persuaded !! XXXX

  2. Mary, I could and would eat them all. Love the eggy taste of them and yet I've only made them once.

  3. It's a tradition we always observe. I do sprinkle them with a little brown sugar sometimes!

  4. Dear Mary, Your Shrove Tuesday pancakes look superdelicious. I would be so happy if you would share your Mother's recipe with us. I have made them with thinly sliced apples but I would like to have your recipe as well.

  5. Looking forward to them. I like to keep them simple with a sprinkle of sugar and lemon juice, daughter adds an assortment of fillings.

  6. Folded is a lovely presentation for English pancakes. I will look them up!

  7. Oh my, these look absolutely divine! We must certainly make these. Nums! :)

  8. The pancakes look delicious. Yes, they look very much like French crepes, which I love making with a little cream cheese folded inside and powder sugar and fresh squeezed lemon juice, delicious!!!

  9. These look heavenly, Mary, but I'm truly crushing on your white plate with the crown. Fabulous! xo

  10. Oh my gosh, these look UTTERLY divine, dear Mary. I so want to come and sit in on your feast of them there. Yum! I have to say that while I've been making American style pancakes for decades for my kids, I still haven't mastered them. My mother LOVES American style pancakes so often would ask me to make them for her too, funnily enough. I only wish I could say I can make the thinner kind like you show here but nope, I'm even worse at those. Maybe it's the high altitude? Anyway, if yours taste even half as scrumptious as they look, I would no doubt be in in culinary heaven. Fantastic photos and great job!


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