Saturday, March 23, 2019

The English Primrose. . . . . . . .

Being English 'born and bred' as they used to say - maybe some still do - I'm a 
wild primrose gal. 
When the primroses bloomed we knew it would soon be goodbye to winter.
Later, perhaps a memoir will be in order describing how we children gathered 
these lovely spring flowers from the rolling Devon hillsides - yes I definitely
look forward to writing that one.

My lovely, and very special friend Mary Ann, called Wednesday to say she was
 on her way, and bringing a little something! 
Within twenty minutes she was walking across the lawn carrying this beautiful
 spring display in a perfect for me pot. . . . . . . and I was just thrilled to bits. 
It's so beautiful and brings spring into the cottage. Planted with delicate ferns and 
yes, a perfect yellow primrose, it immediately made me somewhat homesick for
 an English spring!
Thank you again dear Mary Ann for planting up such loveliness - you always know
 how to pick the perfect gift for me and I'm so glad we are friends.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Viewpoint. . . . . hot and cold!

I'm useless when it comes to taking selfies. 
Perhaps having my phone in a leather case makes it more difficult. 
But I love my case, especially when I drop my phone!  
Anyway, I really dislike photos of myself at this age so don't take many,
 plus I usually dodge other people coming at me with a camera.

These I took on Monday killing time whilst waiting for a salesman to arrive
 to talk about replacing our HVAC system. Our house, built in 1985, is aging
 too and things need to be updated. One comes to a point where a quick fix
 is no longer going to work. Heat breaking down on a freezing winter 
day + air conditioning dying during a heatwave = stress and discomfort.
Like most people in this modern age, we've been spoiled. Technology
has, with all its faults, at least made daily living in whatever climate 
ones inhabits, much more comfortable when regulation of the temperature
is possible.

So three salesman have come this week, all very nice and very different.
 Several estimates for this big, costly job are needed, mostly just out of curiosity
 as to the differences in cost for the same job and equipment, and of course
 the guaranteed work of the company and its installers. We've heard horror
 stories from people being ripped off in many ways with pricing and poor
 workmanship when it comes to these types of home improvements.

We did our homework ahead of time.
Hopefully we'll find the best company with a fair price and can get moving
 with the work whilst the weather, and the attic, stay cool.
A mess ahead? Of course! Spring cleaning may be put on hold!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wild beauty---------------------

Our large fig tree, and the bird bath beneath its now budding branches, is a haven
for so many garden visitors. Squirrels chase one another through the branches and
eat at the suet feeder (the seed feeder being squirrel-proof - they know it by now
 so rarely try!). A herd of white-tailed deer, despite their silent loveliness standing
 on the lawn at dusk and dawn, now come at night. They are unwelcome visitors
 at the feeders, and now are chewing on the bright green shield-shaped leaves
 of the bluebell clumps pushing up under the tree.  

Yesterday, under chilly, overcast skies, and prior to a nice light rain falling to
 water the garden, I took these photos of just a few of the many birds visiting.
All but a pair of Brown-headed cowbirds, and a pair of European starlings, are
birds which frequent the garden constantly - but I never tire of trying to get a
 perfect photo showing off their beautiful colors, feathers and expressions.

Female Northern flicker 

Male Eastern bluebird 

Male Brown-headed cowbird

Female Northern cardinal

Male Northern cardinal

Male or Female European starling 

Male House finch

Female American robin

Hope you enjoy 'my birds'.
Who's flying in your garden these days?
Are you waking to birdsong now that spring is here?

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