Thursday, April 25, 2019

Somewhere across the sea. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . is my home on the bay.

Dress ZARA:Spring 2019

I'm packing again!
Heading across the pond soon as it's
time to visit with family and friends.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Kitchen notes -

The deer came by the other evening and nibbled on my roses - took all the lovely
 buds forming on the Peace rose (which made me so mad) in front of the porch,
 and many of the red Knockout rosebush buds by the front steps. They come right
 up to the house apparently! These are also Knockouts but off a large bush now
 blooming near the birdhouse which they must not have discovered yet. . . . . . or
 perhaps don't like the flavor of pink!

Speaking of flavor and munching. . . . . . . . . 
Many years ago I said "no more kitchen gadgets, I have no space to keep them."

A few weeks ago, while in our nearby 'Sur La Table' shop, I broke down
and allowed the manager to talk me into this one, she said she loved hers.
 I was actually looking at the spiralizer attachment for my KitchenAid mixer, 
but refused to pay over $100 for that, especially as I would not use it daily.
Want to make more veggies like my zucchini above - think healthy alternative
 to real pasta as we're really trying to cut carbs!
Recently I purchased a small container of pre-made 'zoodles' at the grocery
 store. They were not good, watery, doubtless had some
 type of preservative added, and grossly overpriced.
This OXO Good Grips version (they do make great items), with
 three different blades, was so much cheaper (under $40) and so easy to
use and clean - I'm enjoying it. Now if I can just find a place to store it!!!

Here's OXO's great video showing how much fun this gadget can be.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Linen Looks . . . . . . .

Purchased this brick red linen jacket recently from ZARA online as we don't have a
 store close by.
If you know 'neutral' me you know I rarely wear such a brilliant color! I thought this
shade so great with cream - and I already have a cream linen trouser - and, being 
 a shade which will work in autumn when still warm here, I grabbed it as one
has to do with ZARA as they sell out fast.
This jacket is loose fitting, unlined but with finished seams, deep pockets
 and a longer length - always a plus. It's a heavier linen so hangs well - and is
 machine washable, probably best alone with the intense dye.

Today I'm thinking about lighter clothing in readiness for summer.
I don't do well in hot weather.
Yesterday was really quite chilly - an unusually cool Easter for the south - and 
although I did head out to a restaurant lunch wearing a linen blouse and jacket, 
I took along a warm sweater to change into for a visit to my daughter's home later.  
I am a linen lover!  
Upholstery and pillows, bed sheets, table covers, napkins, hand towels, 
and of course clothing.

Above, this is another piece I would enjoy - coat length and such an
 amazing mustard shade. 

- Both of these are also from ZARA -

Below, what might be the ultimate lighter linen piece for a cooler summer's
 day - just throw on over a linen or cotton tee and enjoy the breeze!

I'm not planning many purchases for summer - still trying to downsize.
How about you?  Will you shop for clothes and footwear for summer?
Do you still go shopping at the mall, or in the city?
What are your feelings on buying clothing and shoes online?

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