Monday, July 19, 2021

Logistics. . . . . . .

Leaving home is somewhat scary these days.
Just getting organized - house and garden 'to do' list gets
longer by the day - takes time.
Because I haven't traveled in so long, just dragging out a
suitcase has become a roller coaster ride this past week.
Big one, small one, carry on. . . . . .black one, blue one,
which one etc.
Today I must pack.
Still do not feel 100% comfortable about traveling away from
 home mainly because of the airport/plane/hotel room situation.
We are vaccinated and we will continue to wear masks in public 
We are not going overseas - sorry friends who may be hoping for
photos from new, exciting places. We are going north to New England
 to Bob's home state, New Hampshire, which is lovely also. We missed
 last year's annual "going home" visit. . . . . . . and I did actually live
 there also for several years when we were first married.

Sunday morning breakfast guest!  She was busy siphoning off the
 bird seed - we didn't shoo her off because obviously she's hungry.

The bird feeders will be stored away in the potting shed whilst we're gone.

This mama White-tailed deer has two young spotted
 fawns but I've not had a chance to take their picture yet. 
Our neighbor saw her yesterday apparently trying to teach
 them to jump over his chain link fence but all they would do is
 run into it - somewhat worrisome and I hope they weren't injured!

I hope to write and add some photos from New England later
this week. Have a great week everyone.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Sizing up the cats -

These cute brothers recently moved in with my friend Vanessa - she went
 to adopt one and ended up with two - they are adorable and it's wonderful
 knowing they are staying together. 

I love all cats. On my first safari trip to Africa in 2010 I was amazed to get this
close to the leopard and took many photos of this beautiful boy in Botswana.
 Sitting quietly in the open vehicle I was able to watch him close by in the tree,
and when he climbed down and walked calmly away along the trail he wasn't
bothered by us at all, thankfully!

On a trip to Kenya in 2015, this young male leopard named Twig
 was seen often during our game drives. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . but this morning I'm with Nala, my neighbor's cat. I can tickle her ears, 
and perhaps have a cuddle, always nice!

We are preparing for our first travel away from home since
the start of the pandemic. It feels odd not having packed a suitcase
in so long. I'll keep you posted.