Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Earthly Delights. . . . .


My little 'garden of 'earthly delights'
surprises every morning when I raise the
 blinds and the early light of day shines in.

The hyacinth bulb has babies popping out - fitting a family
 into the vase is now difficult!
I must keep an eye on it so it won't fall over.
Perfume is almost overwhelming.......and I love it.

Welcome to these sunny mornings.
Apple Blossom amaryllis still a delight.
Basil being snipped for supper dishes.
Slow going in the other pots but I can wait - what
 else is there to do!

Are you an indoor gardener in winter?
I hope you have lovely perfumed blooms brightening
 your long, cold days.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Something in the winter air -

We've been treated to many beautiful sunrises during these winter months. 
I think today's stunning colors painting the morning sky were perhaps the 
loveliest to date. These really were the colors, I did not enhance them other
 than wee bit of sharpening. I did throw on a robe and socks to hurry outside
 with a real camera while at the peak of color, and a better view than
 through a window. Sunrises don't last long!

The birds continued to hang out all day yesterday and are back
this morning.  
The Northern Mockingbird seems to have made itself at home. 
A quite large 10" bird, male and female are identical, and
 young males often sing at night and imitate other bird songs
 (vocal mimicry). Here in the Carolinas they are non-migrators
 enjoying insects, fruit and obviously seeds here on the front porch.

I've found them to be an easy bird to photograph as they stand still
long enough and are not skittish. 

I noted that the Mockingbird and Carolina wren seemed to enjoy being 
together - they are two of my favorite birds.
The cul-de-sac was a mess yesterday afternoon as vehicles turned the slush
into ruts and they froze overnight. This afternoon we are almost completely
clear of snow and ice - the temperature has warmed to a pleasant 50F with
 brilliant sunshine and blue skies.

Many thanks for the great comments on the bird photos of yesterday. 
I took so many - don't be surprised if more pop up here in the days
 to come!  I was happy to share them and I'm really pleased to know so
 many of you enjoy garden birds.

Off now to bake an apple and blackberry galette - we are cutting back
 on sugar and haven't had a real dessert for a week!