Thursday, April 2, 2020

No chicken - but plenty of eggs!

I recently discovered, just a few minutes drive from my home, a beautiful garden
 where the homeowners raise chickens for eggs. They are now selling pretty colored
 eggs as 'the girls' are quite prolific at this time of year.
Brian is a charming local high school music director, his wife a former professional
 ballerina, and they have a baby. . . . . . and this beautiful array of stylish chickens!

The yellow chicken house is cute and I had a fleeting thought I would like one in my
 back garden where I could raise my own girls and gather fresh eggs - Bob was not in
So each week Brian has a dozen or more eggs for me - and now we leave the
 money on his car in the driveway and he puts the eggs there for pickup.

Photos 'borrowed' from Brian.

Aren't the chickens fun to see. . . . . . . .  

. . . . . . and their eggs are so tasty!

Being a non-meat eater I do use a lot of eggs, both in main dishes,
and of course baking.  

Do you raise chickens?
Have you ever considered this rewarding hobby?
Do you have a neighbor nearby who has chickens?
Do you try to buy cage-free and organic eggs?
Are you aware of how some chickens are raised in atrocious
 conditions for the commercial market, which is just heartbreaking?

Tomorrow I'll bake more muffins to share with the neighbors, and a
 mushroom and spinach quiche for supper - thankfully I have great eggs
 from happy chickens for both!

Stay well and eat healthy dear friends.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

In Memory -

Yesterday we lost our lovely neighbor.
We will miss Lori so much.
Her long struggle with COPD ended.
We just pray she is in a better place.
Unable to comfort her family with hugs
as we all stood outside waiting for the
 hearse to drive slowly away, we cried.

We are trying to stay calm in these terrible days.  
Please don't throw caution to the wind. 
Be safe everyone.

No comments today please.
I'll be back soon.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Tea towels and A GIVEAWAY!

Good Monday morning - hoping each one of you is healthy, happy, and
spent the weekend doing great things.

I have quite a pleasing collection of tea towels.
I like to set up my ironing board in the kitchen - I can watch the birds 
and squirrels, and the light is bright and cheery.
Ironing them is not a chore, for me it's more like quiet time alone to think
 and ponder, and these days we are all doing a lot of that!

I enjoy spending time smoothing, dampening down with fragrant linen water, 
ironing and folding.
 Over the years several tea towels have been delightful gifts, they have stories
 and memories behind them.
They are also an item often picked up whilst in a foreign country to bring back as
 a useful souvenir. I've discovered that Italy and France have the best ones.
They are beautifully made and never wear out. Several are pure linen - my
 favorites, others linen/cotton blend. All are lightweight and, when purchased on a
 trip, easy to tuck into that ever expanding suitcase being rolled along behind one!

Where do you iron?
What do you contemplate whilst ironing?
Do you have a special collection of tea towels?

I read about this recently published UK book by Marnie Fogg,
The Art of the Tea Towel - Over 100 of the Best Designs, and knew
 it would be interesting. It definitely is! 
It's the creative history of the humble kitchen must-have which we all use, 
from the 1950's to the present day.
I purchased two copies with thoughts of doing a Giveaway some day as
I know some of you enjoy collecting tea towels.
Well the time is now when we all perhaps need a little fun. . . . . and 
one of you can enjoy a package at your door!

So, just look at the tea towels displayed on the book cover, tell me which one 
catches your eye, and leave me a comment.
This Giveaway is open to all no matter on which continent you have your
 kitchen, or where you dry your dishes and wine glasses!!!

My personal dish washer/dish dryer, Mr. Bob, will pick a winner from his favorite 
Red Sox ball cap on April 13 (Easter Monday). Hope so much you join in.

Postscript:  FYI - we really go through a lot of tea towels as we prefer to wash/dry by hand!

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