Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Just because -


Trying a new coffee shop with someone special!
Busy days . . . . . . 

Friday, August 12, 2022

Downtown Cityscapes Part II -


This week we were back in downtown Raleigh for another overnight.
No dodging the rain as we did two weeks back, still very hot but we
managed to walk about quite a bit without trouble. Good times and
opportunities to take more photos of our ever-growing cityscape.

More 'City of Oaks' decor.  There are four of these interesting towers
 on each corner of a plaza and they actually play music!

Back home the figs are almost over and the bees are feasting furiously.
Instead of figs I baked a plum galette - always a favorite and seeing them
in the stores makes me think that Autumn is getting closer. . . . . . . thankfully!

I've already stored the pink early summer flower art and
 dug out from storage this more autumnal feeling oil painting.
Tea cups and saucers I purchased in Thailand.

We had torrential rain here again overnight and early this morning, 
in fact that was what woke me up before 7 AM. Cloudy all day
and we only reached 79F - the coolest day we've had all
Tomorrow will be warmer again, with full sun all day. We've been invited
 over for drinks on a neighbor's beautiful new screened-in porch (no 
mosquitoes!) with overhead fans and comfortable furniture. . . . hope he
 chills the rosé well then it will be a perfect evening!
Enjoy your weekend and take care, especially those of you in those
hot spots in the UK, Germany, France - 103F/39C today in my brother's
 village in the south of France!!!

Friday, August 5, 2022

Crystal Clear -------


That annoying grinding, grating noise of a lawn mower woke me
 somewhat early yesterday morning!  Right away I knew it was our mower 
and that Bob was already up and out.
 Getting an early start on outdoor projects, due to another day in the high
 90's, is necessary for health and safety.  By 9 AM the lawn looked 
great - quite green again as we've had some brief but welcomed
 afternoon rains - all neat and clean as Bob always trims the edges and
 finishes up with the blower.

By 10 AM we were running errands and back home again before the outdoor
 heat finished us off for the day.

What's a good thing to do in the house in this continuing heat?
One job was accomplished recently, cleaning crystals.
Can't stand them when they get cloudy.
I have several vintage chandeliers and sconces with old glass crystals
 which do get grimy from every day living dust.  
Easiest way is to pull an old white cotton sock over your hand, spray
 with window cleaner then gently wipe each dangling crystal. 
This removes sticky grime, brings back the glitter and makes one think of
 cool, sparkly raindrops........a great feeling on these hot, dry summer days.

Do you have a fun weekend planned?
Whatever you do and wherever you are, enjoy.

I'm thinking of making this dessert as we are still picking figs. . . . . . . 
last year I made it and added pears which was yummy.