Monday, November 30, 2020

A new week brings changes. . . .


This is how this morning is viewed from the front door.  
A late Autumn day in the southeast with rain, wind gusts, piled up leaves, 
more falling, more raking and blowing ahead, gorgeous colors. . . . . . . . the
 promise of sun later, then cooler, much cooler temperatures both day and
 night all week. 
Coats, hats and boots are at the ready - my favorite time of the year 
for clothes - now just need to be able to go somewhere to wear them!

I'm learning basic editing via the New PicMonkey, but I'm not too keen. 
When it comes to what/where to put my photos, it's complicated!  
So far I much preferred the old version but perhaps if I keep working
 I will eventually know what the heck I'm doing!  

Don't know how Blogger is working for you these past few days but
 here it's definitely having problems!  
Some days blogging is just too frustrating!

Yesterday, the Christmas tree went up in the gazebo.
I added just the lights and large stars. Lovely to look at last night
from the kitchen window, sparkling in the blowing rain.

Today we plan to crawl through the attic and pull out the boxes 
of decorations for the tree and house. It's a hard job for aging knees
 and backs! This will be the year to really edit the collections of glitter
 and shine, to determine what truly is loved and will be kept, what will
 be offered to others, then anything remaining boxed up and taken
  to the thrift shop.

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?
Playing Christmas music?

Friday, November 27, 2020

A quick Amaryllis peek - and teatime!

I've been spending time today learning the new PicMonkey - confusing
 to say the least - but all work and no play makes Mary a dull, 
non-techie, old lady!
So here's a quick look at the amaryllis situation on the dining room

This photo is from last weekend. My five containers on the tray - the 
repotted bulbs from the past two years - are slowly coming along.
 All have a touch of green so must be alive! Saturday is watering day
 so tomorrow they will drink and hopefully have a growth spurt.

The large pot in front is the newly purchased bulb after potting a week ago.
 It was really leaning over when planted so I spent the week turning it
 around to get light on each side, and. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . as you can see above, today it's certainly straight and has
 its first bud showing a little color (it's pink and white) so is well on its
 way to blooming. Being a large new bulb, I'm hoping for several
 blooms first time around.

Hoping Thanksgiving was enjoyed by all despite many of us not being
 able to be with ones we love as in other years.

It's a beautiful late afternoon, sunny and 70F so right now I'm
 taking a break. Brewed a Thermos of hot Empress Grey tea - my 
favorite - and am taking my most loved one on a little surprise
 drive to view the sunset!
More on the location for afternoon tea, which I hope will be good, 
another time.

Have a good weekend.