Thursday, July 5, 2018

Lakeside Independence Day. . . . . . . . .

Part of our afternoon was spent at lovely Lake Massabesic in Bob's hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire.
It was HOT - reaching 96F - with brilliant sunshine.
Because this is the drinking water for the city, there is no swimming, and 
only small boats are permitted on the water. 

Mommy duck with her babies - all were enjoying a swim along the
 shoreline where we were sitting enjoying an ice cream under a shady tree.

Flying home later today - from one hot spot to another. Actually, the heat has been even 
more intense here in New England and Eastern Canada than back in North Carolina
 these past 10 days!!!


  1. What a beautiful little lake. Love your pictures oh so much. Sorry it was hot, as I know you were looking forward to some relief from your heat in N.Carolina.

    1. Wow, never expected this type of heat! It's been a great road trip though. Will be glad to get home this evening and see what's happened in the garden as they've had almost no rain in the 10 days we've been gone. My neighbor said the sunflowers look pathetic, boo hoo!
      Mary X

  2. Beautiful blues and greens in your photos.

  3. Thanks Lorree, it is so hot up here and sitting by the lake for an hour was perfect yesterday. I just wished one on those small sailboats docked had been ours so we could have gone sailing!!!

    We're at the airport now awaiting a flight to Washington, D.C. then a connection to the Raleigh flight. Yes, very hot here! But then I know you also have to contend with heat at this time year also!
    Hugs - Mary

  4. Love the look of the duck feathers. Hot in mid-USA as well!

  5. This looks like the perfect place to be on a hot day! Aren't baby ducklings the sweetest?

  6. Crazy weather week when New England is hotter than Florida. Just your luck! I had forgotten or perhaps never knew that your husband was from New Hampshire. Hope that you had a fine time all the same in spite of the heat.

  7. Mother Nature at her finest, beautiful photographs, glad you had such a good time visiting Bob's roots.

  8. What a beautiful place! I swear, that duck is smiling at you. ;-)


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