Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Iced Drinks for Summertime. . . . . . . . . .

Tomorrow's Scribble Picnic art get together over at Michael's 
is canceled!  Too much going on in many people's lives these busy
Summer days - even I missed the last two weeks due to 
travel and busy days when I returned. Perhaps the 'picnic' will
 return at a later date, I hope so.
I'd already worked on my piece for this week - theme 
Iced Drink - so decided to share it anyway.

For me, on late afternoons into hot, humid evenings here in the southeast, 
you may find me enjoying my favorite 'iced drink', Rosé wine.
I've taste tested many, some excellent and far too pricey, others not so
good, from all growing areas in the world.
This pretty shaped bottle of dry rosé (must be dry, no sweet wines for me)
from Provençe, has become my go to choice for this Summer. . . . and at
just $7.99 at Aldi it's a winner!

My original photo, taken on the dining room table, is edited in PicMonkey
 to a 'sketch' then I added back color with watercolor pencils.

I'm pleased with this effect - I love watercolor paintings.
I know there are some 'Watercolor' apps available that turn your 
photos into paintings - anyone use one of those and can recommend?

I use a MacBook Air so it has to be compatible. Unfortunately Waterlogue,
purported to be the best app, is not available for MacBooks or iMac.
It is available on the iPhone though so perhaps I'll try it there - can at
least use it on photos taken with my phone rather than camera.

Cheers, and a happy Summer painting days to all my artist friends.


  1. Very pretty, Mary. You have talent and an eye for beauty!

    Jane xxx

  2. Love your pictures. Rose is one wine I think I could learn to love. It is always so pretty and light.

  3. Wonderful edits, Mary. You are so talented. A cold glass of Rose would be a lovely way to end a hot summer day. I'm enjoying virgin mojitos these days, so refreshing.


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