Monday, July 30, 2018

Mother's child. . . . . . . .

On a recent day I felt very much my mother's child. Do you ever feel like that?
Baking was on the To Do list - some to nibble and more to freeze.
Wholewheat cheese scones for soups or salads, and blueberry muffins
 for breakfast.

Mother was definitely a brilliant woman. She could do just about anything she set her
 hand to. Dressmaker to royalty, tailor, wedding dresses, my childhood wardrobe
 perfection, my adult wardrobe fashionable - I sent the fabric and Vogue designer
 patterns, she mailed back the clothes! 
Gardener with a very green thumb, awesome cook, jam maker, cake baker.
Bartender in her father's pub in her twenties. Served in the Royal Air Force 
during WW2. A chef (no formal training but they loved every dish, and her
 amazing cakes) in an exclusive business club. 
She managed shops; lighting (where she handmade the silk lampshades); furniture;
and china departments as she knew all the beautiful British china 
patterns. . . . . . . . and before retirement, managed the busy theatre box office
 in our lovely seaside town where she met the famous, including the Beatles!  

. . . . . . .and the tea towel?

The Princess Theatre building is just visible on the left of this old but loved tea towel.
 Built in 1961, the year before I emigrated to the USA, it sits on the waterfront
 of my hometown in Devon, England. Celebrities galore have crossed its 
stage - from the pirouetting Russian Bolshoi Ballet to prancing Mick Jagger and
 his Rolling Stones!

. . . . . . . this tea towel reminds me of my mother and much of what
she taught me and passed along to me. What a hard worker she was,
what an amazing woman. I'll miss her always.


  1. I do hope Mary, you had a long time with her. What a blessing.

  2. What wonderful memories of your mother. She sounds like an amazing woman. I'm so happy to still have mine, and call her and my father regularly. I know that time is fleeting. Your cheese scones look delicious!

  3. Lovely post, Mary. I have always felt the same way about my mom; she could turn her hand to anything and it was always done with perfection.:) And now I want a muffin. xo

  4. What a lovely tribute to your mother! Those muffins sound wonderful!

  5. This was a wonderful and touching tribute to your mother, Mary, thank you for sharing it.
    Mmmm, cheese scones!!!

  6. What an amazing woman your mother much have been. I enjoyed learning a bit about her.

  7. Loved reading this post! Thank you for sharing your memories of your mother. Hugs!

  8. What a very special mum you had. Love the looks of your scones. I know those blueberry muffins are winners. I have been thinking I need to bake some very soon.

  9. She sounds amazing and those treats look tasty!

  10. She does sound amazing.....and talented.....and brilliant!

  11. What an incredible woman of many talents. Yes, of course you miss her. Memories are sweet, but they are not enough.

  12. How lovely to read about your mother, who was a gifted and incredible lady. It must have been fun to send her some fabric and a Vogue pattern and have the finished outfit sent back! The tea towel is very special, a reminder of far off days, and don't the beautiful old linen towels last forever. I really like the look of those wholewheat cheese scones - must google a recipe.


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