Friday, July 27, 2018

Oh deer!

Here's a wake up photo!  
Ms. Jane Doe was back yesterday afternoon around 5PM. Just happened to
 look out and saw her under the fig tree eating some of the dropped fruits.
 She saw us looking at her through the glass storm door and didn't seem at all
 concerned - I think she's may be getting too tame, or she just likes what's on 
our garden menu!  
She certainly is photogenic - and look at those eyelashes!
I took over fifty photos but will just share few here.

'Jane' then moved on to the bird feeder which was almost empty from so many
 hungry birds hanging out these hot days.  We allowed her to nibble for a short
 while, and I took my photos - before clapping hands and shooing her off - though 
how she actually gets the seeds out those small holes made for tiny bird
 beaks, is beyond me!

She is so sweet - and I'm almost ready to forgive her a bit of nibbling as she must 
eat - but I'm wondering where the rest of her family might be. I hope she's not an
 orphan and that they have moved on leaving her here alone.


  1. Your garden and lawn look so good in those pictures that I might be tempted to nibble it just a little bit, too!! She sure looks healthy. Which means that, if she is alone, she hasn't been for long.

  2. Beautiful shots! I love the first one where she looks like she is licking her lips!

  3. I assure you that she has plenty to eat in the lush forest. This level of tameness could spell her doom come hunting season. Beautiful photos of a beautiful doe...

    1. Thanks for your comment. . . . . . but Vee there is no nearby forest, just a tiny wooded area across our cul-de-sac (and, 'heavens to Betsy', the city even wants to push a ridiculous road through there - and we've been fighting it - hopefully this won't happen until we're long gone!).

      Our older neighborhood has heavily wooded lots (much of it was a farm in decades gone by), however, now they are razing the older brick ranches, taking down so many big trees and building $800,000 to One Million $ 3-story McMansions on pristine lots with newly planted shrubbery only.

      What's a sweet lost deer to do? Maybe I should call somebody in wildlife rescue. I'm dreading she may get hit by a car - we are close to a main city 4-lane city artery, and not far beyond that is the 6-lane beltline around the city full of speed-crazed drivers!
      Mary -

  4. I understand your fear of her becoming too tame; it is not a good thing for a wild animal to lose its fear of humans, as not everyone will be friendly and kind to her the same as you.
    Maybe she can "suck" the seeds out of the holes in the birdfeeder, or make them stick to the tip of her tongue.

  5. She's a delicate looking beauty for all her voraciousness. I hope she's not been abandoned.


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