Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Green Mountain Country -

VERMONT is a beautiful state known for its GREEN MOUNTAIN National Forest.
The countryside, lush with rolling hills, endless fields of wildflowers, crops and
 dairy cattle, is amazing in summertime. Throw in scenic golf courses, thousands
 of acres of mountains, hiking trails and ski slopes, historic covered bridges,
 maple sugar, cheese and ice cream - all that makes it a great place to visit
 prior to what is usually a cold, snowy winter.

Note the station weather vane!

Our late day stop in White River Junction was mainly to eat at a wonderful, lively 
restaurant named ELIXIR located in the old freight house. We called from the 
road and were able to get a late table which was so worth waiting for. 
White River Junction is just that, a train junction with the station and tracks right
 across from our window table. 
The host/owner was charming and engaged us in conversation about the history
 of the railroad there. 
The food was awesome, I chose the vegetarian risotto of the day and for me
 it was the best dinner during this New England trip.
If you head that way on your travels, know the restaurant is only open
5-9 pm Tuesday - Saturday, and best to make a reservation, it's a busy place.

White River Junction Street Art

A visit to Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory for a light lunch!


  1. Beautiful photos Mary in an area that we visited so many years ago. I do recall that we passed through a small village called Cavendish in Vermont where Solzhenitsyn lived with his family, which I think was in the Green Mountain National Forest area.
    I too have fond memories of a great restaurant in the area which stood beside Lake Complain at Burlington, and was called the Ice House. We had just crossed over the lake from the Adirondacks.
    Now I have surprised myself at how much I still remember - so thanks for the memories MaryX

  2. Vermont is so beautiful! Loved seeing those rolling green hills again with the farms settled into the valleys below.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, Mary, showing off that vibrant lush green of forests and hills and fields. Your meal sounds amazing!

  4. I do remember driving through Vermont a few years ago. It was beautiful and your pictures show it to be so. The restaurant sounds wonderful. A visit to Ben and Jerry would be extra special. I was there to visit Tasha Tudor and a herb farm.

  5. I tried to comment yesterday but seemed to be having problems. I do love the lush greenery of Vermont.

  6. I have never been to Vermont but I do love NE. Your photos are always magical.

  7. After seeing your outstanding photographs I'm determined to visit Vermont. My daughter has always wanted to see the Fall foliage, and we would both do anything to get out of the Texas heat. This is beautiful, Mary.
    Love you!!!


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