Friday, August 30, 2019

A mixed bag -

 It's been one of those weeks. . . . . . routine doctor check ups, cat sitting for the
 neighbor, quick stop at the mall (only because it's near a doctor's office and I was
 an hour too early for my appointment - am I losing it?). Men digging up our
 cul-de-sac searching for water pipes, duh!  Interrupted sleep due to shoulder pain. 
Too much online time dealing with VISAS for travel to new islands - more on
 that later! Deadheading hydrangeas fried to a crisp and looking so sad, while
 almost frying myself in 90F plus humidity in the garden that day. . . . . . . .definitely
 a mixed bag of daily ups and downs.

Can you believe this?  After celebrating their 30th birthday with this pretty
 Sept/Oct issue, a card in the mail this week announced the demise of
 bi-monthly issues and mail subscriptions, which many of us have.
Traditional Home will become one of those 'special interest' publications now
 and then, perhaps overpriced and often full of already published articles.  
Sad, sad, sad - this was always a classy magazine and seeing it go the way of
 others only makes one realize how turning real pages may become a thing of the
 past in the world of print journalism.

Next door neighbor Nala. On a diet and looking good - but still
 really a hefty girl to lift!

Yes, that whip round the mall included a stop at H&M where I found this zebra print
 caftan-style dress on sale - very inexpensive!  Light, comfy and may be perfect for
 travel to hot places - moonlit evenings on deck, or even as a robe/coverup. 
I like that it has hidden buttons too. At home, I can wear on the front porch or in
 the gazebo for a casual supper and not look like I'm still in my robe! 
Actually, I had forgotten just how cool a flowing dress can be on a hot day.

The hummers are really busy and hungry this week - perhaps they feel Autumn 
in the air with the slightly cooler nights starting.
 Thankfully, if they are planning to migrate further south, they don't have the journey
of UK swallows migrating to Africa. . . . . . 6,000 miles and they travel at 35 mph!

One more purchase - from Pier 1 - this week.  Fell for this pretty pillow when
 killing that time before the doctor appointment.  As we'll be traveling in October, 
sadly I won't be visiting our favorite pumpkin farm for the real thing. I just knew this
 would be perfect on my chair, and give me the feeling of my favorite season
 approaching.  Again, with 25% off, it was a great buy.

I was able to dry this basket of hydrangeas, the ones I cut on my return
from Ireland, prior to the heatwave which lasted the past 6 weeks or more.
They are pretty, mostly muted greens with a little dusty blue remaining on
some heads.

It was lovely today and will remain sunny and in the high 80's over the Labor Day 

With approaching Hurricane Dorian, this holiday weekend may not be a good, 
safe one for our Florida friends. If you live there, please know you are in our
 thoughts and prayers. . . . . .and our fingers are definitely crossed that it won't 
be as serious as expected. We here in the Carolinas may get some bad
 weather from this storm later the week after next as it may hang around 
far too long!


  1. Lovely dress, Mary. On a hot day a flow-y dress is much cooler than anything else.

  2. Nala sure is one gorgeous gal. Those eyes! That coat!

    Your new dress looks perfectly suited to you and the new pillow is very nice.

    Traveling in October... you’re making us curious. 😉

  3. Good evening! I fell the same way about Traditional Home, it is sad to see a great magazine like this relegated to a special interest publication. I will probably never purchase one, although I will glance through it at the grocery store.

    It is still blistering here and frankly I am ready for Fall.

    I love your new dress. I am going to head over to h & m and see if I can get one for myself.

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope all went well at the appointment.

  4. The pattern and colours of your new cushion are gorgeous Mary, I would have bought it too!
    You were meant to have time to kill before your appointment and you made great use of it!
    Our tv news is already alerting us to the probability of a very hot summer here so I’ll be on the lookout for loose shift dresses like your zebra print - so stylish!

  5. Love your new dress and pumpkin pillow. I get Traditional Home magazine for free (I signed up for free magazines years ago through Mercury Magazines and still get free subscriptions to certain magazines). I saw their note about no longer being in print. Even though it's not one of my favorite magazines, I'm still sad to see it disappearing, as I think this is happening more frequently with printed magazines. I don't read any magazines online - I have to have the real thing in my hand! - so this concerns me.

    I hope you all stay safe with the hurricane. I saw the news this morning where it will probably be going up the coast. xoxo

  6. Only last Saturday, I was on a bit of a shopping spree with my sister suggesting a visit at H&M's - I walked out with a t-shirt, two dresses, a pair of trousers for the office and matching turtleneck top, all intended for this fast approaching autumn.
    The pumpkin cushion is so beautiful! I would not have been able to resist it, either.

  7. Love that dress sooooo much! H&M has some nice bargains. Love the pillow. But I think I love that basket of hydrangeas the best. Oh my! I need to do that. I certainly have plenty of fading ones in the garden.


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