Sunday, August 25, 2019

Salmon and figs. . . . . . . .

This season was a great time for the fig tree but, like all good things, 
it's now just about over. 
I did pick one lonely ripe fig today - will chop it into
 my yogurt for tomorrow's breakfast - and there are a few
 green ones left which the birds will probably peck on.

It was a very good year but I only got around to making my favorite summer salmon
 dish once, seen here.  It was certainly as delicious as always and I'm kicking myself 
for not repeating it more often. Overwhelming hot, humid days made lighting the oven 
unpleasant, traveling often cut down on cooking time. . . . . .  and perhaps I just got lazy!

Fresh fig leaves - once baked to a crunch they are so tasty
Fresh fig salsa
Yukon Gold Potatoes

If you would like the recipe for this really good dish go HERE where I shared it
 in a 2015 blog post. 


  1. It looks wonderful! I didn't know that you could eat fig leaves.

  2. I love figs, I love salmon! This looks absolutely delicious.x

  3. Like Penny above, I didn't know you could eat fig leaves, either, but I love the idea!
    Your meal looks fantastic; I'd eat it all up except for the salmon. Strangely enough, I really like fish but not salmon.

  4. It looks mouth watering delicious Mary! What a treat!
    I’ll check it out but I’m sure I added your recipe to my new recipe book last time!
    Shane Xx

  5. I must get that recipe as my figs won't be ripe for another month and I have salmon in the freezer. Yummm! Fig salsa sounds delicious too. Thanks!


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