Saturday, August 24, 2019

New Hampshire Seacoast -

You can never cross the ocean until you
have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
--- Christopher Columbus, Explorer

Small boats sail or chug their way not far from shore. Beyond, before the open
 ocean, lie the Isles of Shoals. On the seaweed crusted rocks, large black cormorants
 dry their wings in the hot breeze as gentle waves roll in to shore.

Some day I will take the ferry to the Isles of Shoals straddling the border of New Hampshire and Maine. 
That journey has been on my list for some time, the only thing causing me to hesitate
 is the abundance of mosquitoes out there apparently enjoying island life!
The history of these islands, including their tie to the art world, is an interesting read.

Late summer brings fading, falling petals from the wild roses clambering
along the sea walls and rocky ledges of the shoreline.
The hips are gigantic, the size of small tomatoes, and such beautiful colors!

I love this part of the United States and have such fond memories of the years
 when I lived here in the sixties and seventies. 
 It was all so new to me, fresh from my home in England. That too was on the 
coast in South Devon on the English Channel, so I was thankful to still be
 close to the ocean. . . . . . just on the opposite side!

Enjoy your weekend.
We have some cooler weather at long last, hooray!


  1. I love Tim Janis’s song “The Isle of Shoals.” Beautiful photography. I can imagine that living in New England would have been comforting in the early days of your marriage and away from home, just because of the similar ocean views.

    Would you believe that I am sitting here covered with a lap blanket and seriously considering putting the wee heater on? What a difference a day makes!

    1. Thank you dear Vee for the heads up on Tim Janis. Just listened to Isles of Shoals, beautiful, now hearing other pieces, all so lovely! I must get some CD's to listen to when in my car!

      You certainly understood how it all felt for me as an ex-pat in a new land. After crossing the pond hundreds of times in these past 57 years, I guess I followed Christopher Columbus' thoughts on sailing the seas - though most crossings have of course been via air!

      Be well soon dear friend.

  2. Beautiful pictures of great views, thank you!
    I love rose hips, but found that this year's crop I see along the paths on the fields look much paler than in previous years, maybe it's down to the extreme heat and dry weather we have had.
    By the way - just a tiny remark reg. Columbus: He was not Spanish, but originally from Genua (Italy) and later lived in Portugal. His discovery of the New World was made for the Spanish Crown.

    1. I stand corrected - he was Italian born! Of course he went everywhere, and led a complicated life, ending up dying in Spain where he was first buried. After that his remains still continued to 'travel' apparently as his bones were moved to other countries, then some remains finally returned to Spain and are now in the Cathedral of Seville.
      Thanks for pointing out my error Meike.
      Mary x

  3. Gorgeous! Those are huge hips! Love, love that quote too. Now I am curious about The Shoals. I am not sure I have heard of them.

  4. What an interesting rocky coastline Mary!
    I’m fascinated by the Cormorans and it’s such a joy to see an old Rugosa rose growing happily on such an exposed site!

  5. Lovely pictures Mary. I woke up to 58 degrees this morning!

  6. Beautiful! I've never been to that part of the east coast; only North Carolina when I was a kid. I will have to look up the Isles of Shoals. Sounds so interesting!

  7. I loved seeing these pictures of the ocean, here in New England. It is so beautiful! It sounds like you had a lovely trip!


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