Saturday, May 18, 2019

First stop, beautiful Bath . . . . . .

We headed directly to Bath by motor coach from our Heathrow early morning arrival.
Just a few photos of Bath showing famous Pulteney Bridge crossing the River Avon, 
Bath Cathedral, the entrance to the Roman spa, and lovely buildings of golden stone
 along the winding streets. Last there in the summer of 2014 - click to see more photos
 of this amazing Roman city in the heart of the Somerset countryside.

That first evening we met up with a very special blog friend, sweet Rosemary of
Where Five Valleys Meet.  She and her charming husband drove to the city 
and we met in the lobby of our hotel for a long chat. Later we headed to a 
vegetarian cafe for a very tasty meal, followed by a stroll around the 
city center which was quite vibrant being a Saturday night. A lovely all too
short time together, but it will always be memorable as meeting long time
blog friends always is. If you don't already follow Rosemary, take a look at her 
amazing blog filled with color, flower photography, history, and travel stories
 to the most exotic places.

(Sunday arrived and another special day had been planned to meet our dear friends 
from Wiltshire - more on the exciting time with them in my next post from Bath. 
I have a ton of photos to organize and edit from that day).

Monday we were up early for departure from Bath to Torquay, again
by bus, but first we headed out to amble about the city streets.
 Washed down, clean, sun shining but quite cool, as 
were most days on this recent trip, but only a few raindrops!


  1. Loved visiting Bath some years ago; so beautiful. Thanks for the memory. Wonderful to meet up with friends too.

  2. I always love seeing photos and hearing about your trip!

  3. If Bath wasn't so far away from Yorkshire, I'd surely have visited this beautiful place at some stage.

  4. Beautiful photos, Mary. We visited Bath in 2004 and I enjoyed it very much too, especially the Roman baths. How wonderful to meet with Rosemary, and it sounds like you had a fine time together. I have followed her blog for many years and it certainly is amazing, full of historical information and lovely photography. I look forward to more details of your trip, and more fantastic pictures. x

  5. Dear Mary - meeting you and Bob in Bath was just like getting together with old friends - it was such a lovely and very special experience which I hope can be repeated again one day. Thank you for your generosity on my blog, and I now look forward to seeing what else you got up to whilst you were in Devon.

  6. Bath is lovely. I really enjoyed our visit there in 2016, especially the Roman baths and temple and the beautiful Georgian architecture.

  7. Bath is a wonderful place. I have fond memories of our few days there in 2009. Our hotel was near the bridge in your first photo . . . we had to cross it to get there.

  8. Glorious Bath ..... such a beautiful City and how lovely to have met up with a fellow blogger, who, by the sounds of it, you got on with like a house on fire.... so nice.
    Looking forward to hearing about all of the other places you visited in our lovely country. XXXX

  9. We’ve been to Bath twice on visits to England and I would love to say I’ll visit again! The architecture influenced by the Romans is timeless.
    Oh how I would love to have joined you and Rosemary enjoying the charms of Bath
    I can imagine the lively chatter Mary, with old blog friends meeting for the first time it is always exciting.
    Beautiful photography as always!


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