Friday, May 17, 2019

First things first!

. . . . . . . . . .so when I got home Wednesday evening I did two things important to me.
I cut a small bunch of the now blooming hydrangeas for the kitchen window sill, 
then headed to the potting shed to refill the empty bird feeders.  

Blues and greens of every hue from the same bush - they are such amazing
 flowers - and this year there are hundreds of blooms now opening on my
 four shrubs.

Ms. Woodpecker, the first arrival, came almost immediately after I hung
 the feeder in the late day sunshine.

These two small beautiful things outside in the garden took my mind
off my delayed bag. I worried all day yesterday that I would never see 
it again, then at 10:00PM last night a text message, a phone call, and
 a nice young man delivered it to my door.  Needless to say, I breathed
 a sigh of relief and thanks.


  1. Your hydrangeas are ahead of mine. Mine are just starting to bloom. Glad your baggage arrived!

  2. That's good news!
    My hydrangeas are only just budding so you are well ahead.

  3. So glad that your bag did arrive. “Welcome home” your garden seems to be saying. That hydrangea is truly beautiful and unique.

  4. Oh I love the Spring flush of hydrangeas and the varied colours.
    I know when I come home from overseas trips my first walk around the garden is always exciting!
    Thank goodness your suitcase arrived intact Mary and faith in the airline baggage system is restored… sort of!

  5. So glad your bag arrived, Mary. One of the first things I do after a trip is go out to inspect the garden. It changes so much at this time of year. My hydrangeas are just forming their tiny flowers so it will be a few weeks until we see blooms. Yours are such a pretty medley of colours. Enjoy being home again.

  6. I love those colorful hydrangeas. What a beautiful welcome home.

  7. I can well imagine your relief Mary - I hate to have things go missing or even worse have things lost forever. How lovely are your blue hydrangeas - I can only grow pink ones due to our soil. I know that I could fill a container with the correct soil or buy something to make the soil acidic but I always forget.

  8. Wonderful flowers!
    Good to know that you have your bag back. I hope nothing is missing!

  9. Oh, that's a relief! :) Your flowers are so lovely and what a great photo of the bird!!! :)

  10. Welcome home! Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Mine are just now peeking out of the ground. ;-)

  11. Lovely greeting of hydrangeas and a woodpecker. So happy your bag returned safely to you.

  12. Oh so pretty - good ideas for "first things". Glad your bag arrived safely too, that is always concerning. I'm beginning to do some more "regular" things now, though still taking it very slow. Glad to be back to reading blogs at least.


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