Thursday, May 16, 2019

This way, that way. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . which way is home?
When you have a heart full of love for two countries where you've made
your home, it's hard to leave both and wonderful to return to each.
We said "goodbye" to England yesterday, sad to leave, but happy to
watch the miles tick down from 3,900 to 100 as North Carolina came into
 view below the wing.  

A smooth flight. . . . . . . in fact a very smooth two weeks of fabulous 
times with family and friends in Bath, Devon, Cornwall and London.
The one mishap was when we landed and discovered my suitcase 
didn't!!! Apparently an electrical fault in the bag loading conveyor
system in Heathrow meant many passengers bags didn't make it.
Bob was lucky, his is here, mine is hopefully making it's way across
the pond today and will show up on the doorstep by this evening!

The garden looks fabulous - just couldn't believe how everything 
grew so huge whilst we were gone - will show you more later,
as well as stories and photos from the really enjoyable trip.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dear Penny - it was a really great trip home!

  2. We ahd that happen too. Your insurance should cover you for buying replacements...but maybe not Dior!

    1. Haha! That's funny Barbara - no Dior for me! Hoping it arrives later today - there are special gifts from Cornwall tucked in there too!!! Hope all well with you and M - when things quieten down I'll have time to post on our meeting etc.
      Hugs M&B xx

  3. Welcome back, dear Mary!
    I know what you mean... although Yorkshire is not my place of birth and I discovered its beauty only in my thirties, it feels like home and is always hard to leave; on the other hand, it is always a wonderful feeling to come back to my own place after some time away.

  4. Welcome back to this side of the pond! I'm looking forward to seeing and reading all about your visit!

  5. L💕VE travelling but coming home to our bed is so good!
    Our suitcases didn’t arrive with us in Dublin but they arrived at our hotel from Dubai at midnight!

    Always love your travelogues Mary so once you’ve finally unpacked, loaded the washing machine and put away the food shopping I look forward to hearing all about your trip!

  6. Glad to hear you had a nice trip and an uneventful flight. There always has to be some sort of little blip in the journey but hopefully you have been reunited with your bag now. :)


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