Monday, May 13, 2019

Goodbye dear hometown. . . . . . .

Sunset last evening - view across the marina from our window.  

Today we are packing and will be heading to London. 
Tomorrow, a train ride into the city from our airport hotel
for a quick look around . . . . . perhaps a little shopping
 even though the bags are overflowing already, then flying
 home on Wednesday.

It has been one of my most favorite visits home during my
 many, many back and forth journeys across the pond over
 the past almost 56 years!
Lots to share with you later.


  1. Oh to be in England… any time of year but Spring has a particular charm with sheets of bluebells in the woods and the beauty of the hedgerows! I think I’ve told you before how much I love your country.... this England!
    I’m looking forward to your photos dear Mary! xxx

  2. I am so pleased you are having so much fun and busy days, Mary. Make the most of it! I can't wait to read what you have been up to. xxx

  3. Dear Mary - I am so pleased to hear that this was one of your most favourite visits home even though the weather was not quite what I would have wished for you. You and Bob share so much warmth, love and happiness wherever you go, and our short time together is one that I will always cherish. Safe travels to you both.

  4. Oh I like reading that this has been a wonderful visit! Yay!

  5. Sounds like a nice visit Mary, I'm glad you had a great time, sad to leave I'm sure!!

  6. Oh Mary,
    I'm so sorry I mised your posts in good old Blighty !!! I have been busy cooing over our latest grandchild !
    So good to hear that you had a wonderful time .... is it a little bittersweet or is there enough water under the bridge that you are over that now ? Safe travels home and I look forward to photographs and stories of your trip. XXXX

  7. Safe travels home. Look forward to hearing more.


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