Friday, May 24, 2019

The blues. . . . . . and the weather

Up early again this morning - not getting over jet lag too well this time but
 finding small pleasures in waking before the sun.
 Daylight seems to arrive much earlier, more so than usual it seems.
Five honking geese flew overhead as I picked up the newspaper from
the bottom of the driveway - baby birds are everywhere trying out their wings.
I changed out the floral welcome flag on the front porch and hung "Old Glory" 
to honor Memorial Day. Coffee at 6:00 am and, on checking the weather here
 via phone, it's already 72 and the expected high today is 95! 
At 10 am I have have a nail appointment and then I'll hurry back home
to make a quiche - need to use up eggs. I'm cat sitting Ms. Nala 
next door over the holiday weekend and will make a quick visit to
my daughter Kim on Sunday when she celebrates birthday fifty two -
where have all those years gone?

We fly to Northern Ireland Tuesday. Our first week shows rain, rain and
 more rain, high only 60 with chilly nights. 
Packing tomorrow. . . . . . needless to say warm clothes, cozy pj's, and 
a pair of waterproof booties are going with me.
Irish summers are not like North Carolina summers!!!

Early evening yesterday - hydrangea gazing was a feast for my eyes and
 I had to take some photos. 
You my recall I cut these front porch shrubs to the ground September 2017
 when the exterior of the house was re-sided and painted. Last summer, 
due to a very late spring frost, although they had grown back the buds were
 damaged and there were very few blooms. This year look what has happened 
in the past week while we were in England. . . . . an amazing display.
 I love these shrubs so much. 

Hanging baskets still empty - Boston ferns will have to wait until we return from this trip.

Besides the hydrangeas doing so well, the Celeste fig is now at peak
 display and I think looks beautiful thanks to the early spring pruning I did.
The stems of those lovely leaves are showing a riot of tiny figs.  
Toward late summer hopefully we'll be picking and eating, and of course 
the birds and squirrels will be gobbling up their share!

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend wherever you may be celebrating,
and be sure to remember the true meaning of this holiday.


  1. How lovely your garden looks, and so far ahead of mine! Hydrangeas are only just in bud here.

  2. Your hydrangeas are so pretty Mary! I saw a few plants at the nursery the other day and was so tempted to get some!

  3. That fig tree is beautifully shaped! The hydrangeas are a perfect complement to your yellow cottage. Love the look!

    1. Bob chose the yellow many years ago and we've painted three times using the same color.
      It does set off the blue flowers well.

  4. 95 degrees already...oh my! It's been so rainy here, it's ridiculous. We've only had a few sunny days this entire month. I am wearing a long sleeved shirt again today. You're off on a trip across the pond again already?! I would've just stayed in England, then went on to Ireland. ;-) PS - your hydrangeas are amazing! They don't get that big here in IL.

    1. Melanie, almost five weeks away at one time would be too long to leave the house and garden!
      Hope the sun shines on you soon.

  5. I love those hydrangeas! You photos are gorgeous.

  6. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Love seeing your yard and hearing of your adventures. Have a wonderful trip to Ireland.


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