Thursday, May 30, 2019

Day trip to beautiful Cornwall. . . . . . . .

When we meet up with long time blog friends gifts are not required.
Smiles, warm hugs, non-stop chatter is always lovely.
Reading a menu, choosing a wine, toasting to happiness,
good health and friendship . . . . . . . . and a ton of thanks for making time
 in one's day, perhaps traveling some distance, to get to a meeting point is
 what long distance friendship is about.
I've done it often around the world, and many of my blog friends 
have gone out of their way to meet up with me - and usually Bob is
there too!  It's always so exciting, and I have to say it has never been 

We took the train from Devon to Cornwall to meet up with Barbara
 (also known as Elizabethd) of the lovely blog Small Moments.
Barbara and I met via our blogs many, many years ago when she and her
 husband were living in France. They returned to the UK a few years ago and have
 made their home in a small Cornish village. She took a train also and we met
 just about halfway.

I must admit Barbara really spoiled me. Such lovely gifts, and all from Cornwall. 
 I wish you could see the exquisite, delicate embroidery of the 'Cornish Lane' 
framed piece. The rose hand cream smells wonderful, the beeswax candles are lovely, 
and the tea is actually tea grown in Cornwall - the only true English tea - delicate and
 perfect for a summer afternoon. These lovely gifts were packed in the canvas bag
also made in Cornwall - I will find it useful toting items to my car.
Barbara also included a great book for Bob about unusual Cornish places -
he's busy reading it so I forgot to add it to the photos.

Thanks so much dear Barbara. It was so much fun meeting up at long last
 and spending time together over lunch. Hopefully we can do it again some day 
when we're able to return to the lovely southwest of England.

Today: We're in Belfast, Northern Ireland heading out early on a coach trip
to the Giant's Causeway etc.  Guess what, it's raining and chilly!


  1. What a lovely bloggers meeting you had Mary, and what delightful gifts which reflect Cornwall. I have always wanted to go there, as there is some evidence that at least some of my forebears come from Cornwall. Enjoy the Emerald Isle. xx

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Mary. It was such a treat for me to meet you both, after many years of correspondence, and I do hope we can do it again someday. Enjoy your Irish holiday!

  3. Cold and chilly...must have been the northeast’s weather blowing across the sea... Hope that you will have had a fun day all the same. Wonderful gifts from a blogging friend. Well, once you meet them they become real life friends, right?

  4. Chilly and raining makes sense for Ireland.
    What lovely gifts. You knew I would love that tea too.
    It is indeed always fun to meet our online friends face to face.

  5. How delightful! One day I hope to meet Mary and Bob! 🤗


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