Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Run rabbit, run..............

It's that special time of year when my cottage becomes home to several white rabbits............say hello to my family of happy looking bunnies.

I keep Easter decorating to a minimum nowadays.....but I do enjoy unpacking the bunnies from their attic home as their presence also means Spring has arrived.  Not long now and I'll spy little brown ones chewing on the tender new hosta leaves.....noticed today they are pushing through the earth following yesterday's rain.

More rabbits next time......the serious looking pair.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Front Porch Musings

Last week I decided to start sprucing up the front porch for Spring.  The fine weather found us out adding what seemed like endless bags of soil to the sides of the new driveway, required but boring work!  After taking a breather, my thoughts were directed toward doing something prettier and a bit more creative!

A quick trip to Jo-Ann's Fabrics where I found a great buy on the white candles I needed to freshen up the candolier.............................that included cleaning the crystals which made a big difference in the sparkle effect!

Grabbed few extra candles for the candelabra.  These I wrapped in vintage music sheets, rubber stamped with Paris symbols, look much more interesting don't they?

Outdoor areas are always fun to decorate.  Having a covered area is great because you do have more options regarding safety from the elements.  My porch is tiny, just room for three wicker chairs and a small table.......with the potting bench at the far end where I'll be sprucing some more soon.  

Do you have a front porch?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Tangled Web

Welcome to my new blog!

Life sometimes becomes a tangled web. Perhaps it's a message that it's time to change, think things over, move on.

I will post here now and then, but in all honesty I do believe my addiction to blogging has been curtailed by losing the ability to share my photos on Across The Pond. My paid storage problems with Google/Picasa have not been resolved. Three plus years of blogging have been fun but whether I can keep going is something I have to give serious thought to. I really enjoyed the past week spending time away from the computer doing other things.

With Spring here and plenty of garden work beckoning, I need to be outside raking, digging, pruning and planting. I need to find a large tree to replace the ones removed recently. Their huge old roots cracked and lifted the driveway requiring expensive replacement of a large section last week. We miss our trees. They gave the front porch shade and privacy from the street. The birds miss the tree branches above their bathing/feeding station. Would they like a Japanese flowering cherry, perhaps a Kousa dogwood, or a Golden-Rain-Tree? Something fast growing so we can enjoy it for several years hopefully!!!

I'll be working on this new blog site unless things are repaired on Across The Pond. I would miss you all very much if I just vacated come see me here now and then. I'll be off to Africa mid-May and I hope to bring back images to share with you following that trip of a lifetime.
Images taken at SuzAnna's Antiques, Raleigh, NC