Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Run rabbit, run..............

It's that special time of year when my cottage becomes home to several white rabbits............say hello to my family of happy looking bunnies.

I keep Easter decorating to a minimum nowadays.....but I do enjoy unpacking the bunnies from their attic home as their presence also means Spring has arrived.  Not long now and I'll spy little brown ones chewing on the tender new hosta leaves.....noticed today they are pushing through the earth following yesterday's rain.

More rabbits next time......the serious looking pair.


  1. Well I've tracked you down and your new blog is very bright and airy - love it

  2. Love the bunnies! My brother used to move the standing rabbit behind the rabbit on all fours. We always knew when he had been by for a visit!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Mary, I forgot to tell you I love your new banner for your new blog. Aargh - seeing your santos makes me wish I could find mine! I have some tubs left to go through in the basement. I hope it is there. I no longer put out my entire collection of Easter stuff - just the vintage looking rabbits and hares.

  4. how do you have different colored hydrangeas?

  5. I enjoy placing my bunnies around to welcome spring, too. Your home looks so lovely.

    I noticed the hosta shoots several days ago. I was very happy to see them. Due to the redo of our deck, we had to relocate all of our hosta.

    I've missed you on Pink Saturday. I hope you will be back this week.

  6. Mary, sorry that the problems continue. Love the new blog. You have such style, my friend. Your bunnies are adorable. I've not pulled out any Easter as I thought we would be leaving for France. Now, with my husband's unexpected eye surgery, we find ourselves here at home. :-) So spring time in Paris will have to wait till another year.
    Love seeing your charming home! Happy Easter Weekend, my friend!
    I'll be in touch with an email soon. Hugs ~ Sarah

  7. Mary, what a surprise. I have been in Florida for 10 days and look at you. I love your new blog and your darling spring arrangements and bunnies.

    A breath of fresh air is always a good thing. Love your new name. We enjoyed lunch on our deck for the first time this year. Finally 'Spring' and flowers with greenery starting to bloom.

    Enjoy your day dear friend and have a blessed Easter with your loved ones.

    Love and hugs, Jeanne

  8. Easter decorating? I sigh because that and other seemingly pointless commercialism will make its way across the Atlantic at some time......we already have the blight of Halloween and Mother's Day (no longer Mothering Sunday) and soon it'll be Happy Holidays..........oh I am getting old and creaky!

  9. Your new blog is delightful and I hope you continue! I don't post often but do visit regularly.

    You recently mentioned needing new trees and one you are considering is a Golden Rain Tree. I got one from the National Arbor Day foundation but to my surprise, they're considered an invasive species in Virginia. Since you're nearby, you might find they're also considered invasive in your area. If so, it would be unwise to plant one.

    Happy April!

  10. Where did the wonderful Santos come from??

  11. Love the bunnies!!!
    Hugs, Lisa


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