Thursday, May 23, 2019

Living at the seaside. . . . . . .

 Growing up in Torquay was a privilege. 
Recovering after WWII, it was still a more simple town, a small fishing port,
 on a lovely bay opening on to the English Channel. Although not visible, 
as children we would wave to France across the water!
Still important in British history, but quiet and elegant, it remained one of the
 loveliest places on the south coast to visit for a 'seaside holiday' with it's many 
beaches, hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfast establishments . . . . . . . . . . and
 now of course AirBnBs and vacation rentals.
Built on seven hills, you can see some of the older historic buildings still standing,
but of course times change and blocks of flats and condos have appeared.
Although we've enjoyed renting some lovely flats and houses over the past
 15 years when visiting (since the family house was sold), we are now excited to
 see - after years of planning permission - a Hampton Inn by Hilton hotel being
 built right on the harbour side (crane on left below), to be completed next year, 
so future visits home will most likely find us staying there. 
As family and friends agree, we're now at the age for ease, comfort,
access to public transportation, and in-town location, all of which a modern
 hotel can offer, and for us holidays now require cooking and housekeeping
 done by others. . . . . plus good lighting in the bathroom, haha!

I have so much more to share about this great trip home. 
It will take some time to edit photos and write posts.
We are now preparing to leave home early next week!
Yes, crossing the pond again - excited, and definitely happy that we'll be
 missing expected extremely oppressive hot, dry weather here in NC - please
 God spare the lovely hydrangea bushes - and heading to the cool and
perhaps damp shores of Ireland.

I'll be back here when I can - don't think I've forgotten you!
 Wikipedia covers the history of lovely TORQUAY quite well if you
 would like to know more about the town.


  1. Mary, your photos are lovely! What a beautiful seaside town, kind of reminds me of some areas of Prince Edward Island...the boats and the nets! :) Enjoy your trip to the Emerald Isle!!! :) And when you come back, WHEN you have a moment, I started hosting a Thursday weekly art date, missing the picnic lately so I thought I'd start my own. :)

  2. Beautiful photos of your lovely town. I hope that you have a wonder trip. Travel safe.

  3. Torquay is enchanting and I can see why it was a favourite holiday destination for so many Brits!
    You’re on the move again Mary and returning to Ireland!
    I’ll look forward to your posts when you return.
    Your garden will survive and I’m sure your lovely neighbours will water your thirsty hydrangeas!
    Travel and enjoy it while you can!

  4. Beautiful photos. How surprised I was to read that you are heading off again!

  5. What a wonderful place. Have a lovely time in Ireland.

  6. Torquay looks like a pretty little town. I always enjoy your travel photos. Enjoy Ireland. I am sure it's lush and green,

  7. What a lovely place to be. The kind of place that draws me... maybe one day.

  8. What a beautiful, and stately, town, and very pretty too. Your photos give a great sense of your hometown, and no wonder you like to return.


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