Tuesday, May 21, 2019

American Museum & Gardens - Bath - Part II

Leaving the riot of color in the American Museum gardens was hard, and
looking out across that beautiful English countryside HERE dressed for spring
 I had to tear myself away to go inside Claverton House. 

Born in San Francisco but later settling in England, Kaffe Fassett has dedicated
 the last 50 years of his life to the world of knitting,  needlepoint and patchwork, 
promoting these crafts through his own work and inspiring others to find their
 own creativity.

The gift shop was a treat - if only the suitcase had been larger to bring all 
these beautiful books home.

One of many of Kaffe Fassett's extraordinary quilts. The exhibition of 20 stunning new 
quilts designed by him is inspired by the Museum's world-renowned collection of
antique American quilts (photos of them not permitted due to their fragility). 
This provides a unique opportunity to see the old and the new alongside one another.

Shaker sewing box.

As part of the Museum's fiftieth anniversary celebration, the collection of folk art
 treasures are redisplayed in an acclaimed new gallery. The collection testifies
 to they exuberant resourcefulness of art and home decoration made
 'by the people, for the people'.

As always, discovering new places with Ruth - see us together in the reflection
 above - and her husband Mike, was special. Later that evening an extra treat was
 meeting their daughter, an accomplished equestrienne, who joined us for dinner. 

Prior to that, after returning to Bath city, we made a stop at wonderful
 independent bookshop 'Mr. B's' where Ruth took me on our first meeting
 a few years back.
My stack of new books is awaiting exciting page-turning - yes I did make
 room in the bag to get those home - and will be discussed in a future post.
 I brought back some special ones!


  1. What a joy to see the beautiful quilts. You won't forget them in a hurry, I'm sure!

  2. Oh, I do love American Folk Art and would have been enthralled visiting this museum. What amazing quilts and art. Look forward to seeing what books you put in your bag.

  3. All those colors, both in the garden and in the collections inside! Simply beautiful, and so joyous. I see the little girl in the painting is wearing her red woolens, and they go very nicely with her dress.

  4. Last time I visited the American Museum I was fortunate enough to purchase a really lovely old shaker box given to them by a Dr. Stephen Bowe author of "Selling Shaker" which came from his private collection. I thought it strange that they should sell something so lovely that was given to them, but perhaps he gave it to them to raise money!

  5. What a beautiful museum Mary. I enjoyed the American folk art, and the colours of Kaffe Fassett. Like so many others, a few years ago I made a Kaffe Fassett quilt, and indeed some of my fabrics are there in your photos!


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