Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday morning walk around the seafront. . . . . . . .

Our one Sunday morning in Torquay was cool and somewhat hazy across the
 bay, but with plenty of intermittent sunshine it was perfect for a leisurely early 
walk around the harbour and seafront.  Less exciting things awaited back at 
the flat. . . . . such as packing up to leave for London the next day! 
The tide was in so not much beach was visible, however there were other 
surprises awaiting.

Abbey Sands beach - tide in - and the Rock Walk.  Last visit we spent Christmas 
 in the condos on the far right of the cliff. Beautiful view but 277 slippery steps
 down and then back up was a bit much . . . . . . which is why we chose the much
 more convenient harbourside location this time! 

The cruise ship Artania had anchored in the bay!
In all my years of living in Torquay, then visiting so many times since leaving,
 this is the first I've ever seen. Some years back there was chatter about building
 a 'cruise port' here but apparently that didn't go over well. Ships come now and
 then I hear, anchor in the bay like this one, then ferry their passengers and crew
 into the harbour via their own tenders/lifeboats to enjoy some time ashore.
Passengers we chatted with during our walk were German and told us the call
 there was part of a world tour. . . . . . how nice.

As you can see we still required warm clothes - it was cool when the clouds came in.

The outer harbour and pier.

English dogs are very well behaved on the whole - rarely have I ever seen street
 fights between passing dogs. They walk politely on their leashes, sit quietly at
 outdoor cafés, sometimes indoors in pubs when permitted, and they like to
 pose for photos when requested by their person. . . . . . . and I can assure you 
this handsome pair did not try to bathe in the historic Victorian fountain!
Perhaps English dogs are well educated and can even read!

This sweet mix and matched pair had been for a swim and were drying off on
 the low sea wall - when their person told them to sit, smile and stick their 
tongues out for a photo shoot - they obeyed!
It just seems no matter where you decide to take a walk in England there are 
always really interesting dogs of every breed, color and size.

Yes, there are palm trees in Torquay!!!!
The Gulf Stream passes by the bay as it makes its way through the 
English Channel blessing the area with some type of micro-climate
in which the tropical palms do grow very well.

Corbyn Head and the historic Grand Hotel.

We walked as far as this little cove which holds many childhood memories for me.
When in elementary school - about a two mile walk from here - on warm June 
afternoons before school was out for the Summer hols, my neighbor, whose two
 children were in school with me (sadly all are gone now) would meet us at
 4 PM and walk us to the beach. She'd bring our swimsuits, towels, cheese
 and tomato sandwiches - delicious and soggy after an hour or so in the
 sun - and orangeade drinks, and we'd spend wonderful late afternoon hours
 swimming and hunting for hermit crabs in the rock pools when the tide went out.
Those are days I will always cherish.

Tide in, rock pools just visible. Wasn't until I looked at this photo whilst editing I
noticed the girl - could have been me as she even had pigtails as I did back then!!!!!

The café already busy, and sprucing up the beach huts at Corbyn Head ready for the summer season was in full swing.
I'd love to still be there - must plan to stay longer next visit!


  1. You managed to convey the atmosphere there really well, Mary - I now want to go to Torquay for a holiday.

  2. Love your happy childhood memories Mary, and your great observations on the life of 'English dogs'.

  3. It all looks so heavenly, I want to visit Torquay now. What sweet memories of simple childhood beach visit, much the same as we did in Australia, down to the cheese and tomato sandwiches. The blue fountain is just wonderful, completely gorgeous, and the well-mannered dogs will never hurt it!

  4. Enjoyed my breath of fresh air as I read your post and looked at the photos. Giggled at the doggie pics and that sign about not bathing in the fountain. They are very polite fellows indeed. Enjoyed seeing the pics about Torquay - loved the palm trees and the fun beach huts.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  5. Goodness, yes! Once you are there, you might as well stay for a week or two. Very interesting the discussion about English dogs’ behavior. Wish the dogs on this side of the pond were so well behaved.

  6. Vee, in years gone by I've stayed several weeks, especially when my parents had a house and the cost was less! Now places are really expensive to rent and we usually make it a week..........although, when we took granddaughter a few summers back, we stayed two. Good news is, next stay will be longer as the Hilton chain is at long last constructing a hotel right on the harbourside, and we have a lot of points to use up so will make use of them there! It should be ready by next spring which will be perfect - travel is getting a bit harder each year, but must admit this trip was close to perfect and I really didn't feel my age, haha!

  7. Beautiful photos. The dogs really are well-behaved in England and the ones in your photos look positively angelic.

  8. Those were the days Mary! What wonderful memories are brought to light from you delightful Torquay walk!
    I have similar childhood memories!
    Love this post and seeing photos of both looking so well and happy!
    Xxxx🧚‍♀️ ⭐️✨💫

  9. It would indeed be lovely to be there now. I hope the next time you can sit in the sun on that beautiful beach with the cute little huts. What special memories!! And what special dogs to be well behaved and even stick their tongues out for a smile for you.

  10. Love your photos and your travel stories!


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