Saturday, August 10, 2019

Childhood Memories - The Marine Spa -

childhood memory. . .

The Marine Spa, Torquay, Devon, England - 1857-1971

Sometimes do you just want to run away? 
Return to a place of childhood, a place that brought happiness.
No big special celebrations, just ordinary days full of simple 
moments of joy in familiar places.

I learned to swim here in the indoor pool.
 Even went to afternoon teas under the palm trees in the
 sunlit conservatory - a very special treat when a young girl.
Never got to dance in the ballroom though.
Sadly the beautiful spa was torn down in 1971 and it continues
 to be missed so much.

I am running away soon! A trip north to New England will take me
 away for a short while. A change of scenery, mountains and sea, 
with some cooler weather. . . . . . hopefully it will be a pick-me-up!


  1. Have a wonderful visit to New England Mary - I have been there too, it is a place that we enjoyed passing through several years ago whilst driving back up into Canada. I do hope you return again feeling refreshed and 'picked up'. The world of our shared childhood was a far simpler innocent way of life than that of todayX

  2. Sounds as if you are not very happy right now, dear Mary - I am sorry to hear that. Your upcoming trip will hopefully restore your spirit.

  3. A trip north to cooler temps will certainly be pleasant. How was that the wonderful spa no longer exists except in sweet memory...

  4. Afternoon teas under Palm trees in rainy England sounds extra special. Enjoy your trip to New England and be safe.

  5. It is sad when these beautiful buildings with so much history are torn down. Have a good run-away and come home refreshed. Sometimes a little "run-away" is just what we need.

  6. Sad to see such a handsome and historic building torn down, especially when it held happy memories for you. I wonder what they built in its place, which is a magnificent location.

  7. I wish I could be a stoway in your luggage. How I would love to get away to cooler days up north. Enjoy the respite, Mary! Safe travels.....

  8. I love your memories of this beautiful place. It is sad that they tore it down, do you know why? Have a wonderful adventure. By the way, you came to mind this morning while listening to PBS, there was a woman telling a story about taking a 2 week passage from the US to Portugal for the winter crossing. It was a fascinating tale of all of the interesting people that she met and how wonderful it was to be on the sea for 2 weeks with nothing to do but relax, visit with the other 75 people and hear their stories.


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