Thursday, August 1, 2019

Fig Crostata . . . . .

What to do when life gives you lemons figs, make lemonade a crostata!

CROSTATA: An Italian baked rustic tart or pie, same as a
    GALETTE, the French version! 
Both lovely names for easy desserts to make/bake.

Still gathering figs and sharing with neighbors and friends, however the figs are
 slowing down and will probably be finished by the end of the weekend.
Dozens of birds have devoured the ones on the treetop which we can't reach -
and I'm happy to share with them.

For this one I made almond frangipane and spread it over the piecrust base
 before piling on the sliced figs from the garden and scattering toasted 
chopped almonds on top.
  I must have used too much as it did leak out but it still baked well.
 I cut off the frangipane on the parchment - who could bake without amazing
 parchment and no messy pans to wash - which made good rustic almond
 'cookies' to nibble!  
"Waste not, want not."


  1. Looks and sounds delicious, and I bet the scent is great, too!

    1. Oh yes, doesn't anything with almond always smell divine!

  2. Oh my! Wish that I could reach in for a crumb...sounds amazing!

    1. . . . . . .and I really wish you could too dear Vee!
      If only figs held up longer - I would love to ship to friends who enjoy them but really only last a couple of days after picking.

  3. Dear Mary, your recipe came just in time. I'm not lucky enough to have figs but my beautiful apricot tree is laden with the largest apricots I have ever seen.
    Your Crostata looks delicious. Maybe mine will also have a few "cookies" to nibble on.

  4. What a gorgeous galette! I'm sure it was delicious, too. Ina Garten has nothing on you! ;-)

  5. How wonderful to make a fig crostata, and to have fresh figs from your tree. I love them, but they are rare and often nearly $50 per kg here! occasionally I buy one or two, about $3 each on special. I wonder what sort of crostata I could make here....would banana work?? xxx

    1. Wow, surprised figs are so expensive - wish I could ship some but of course they ripen so fast that's not feasible!

      You may enjoy plums and apples too perhaps Patricia, have never thought about baking bananas though! There are so many variations with almost any fruits in season - it's such an easy way for pie! Loads of recipes online for galettes and crostatas - which are really the same thing. Today I'm making a plumcot/blueberry version - here's the link to a post I did using this very interesting fruit (plum/apricot) last year.


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