Monday, July 9, 2018

Clouds and the journey home. . . . . . . . . .

I took these photos with my iPhone as we flew into Washington D.C.  
last Thursday evening. The flight from New Hampshire was smooth
 and the cloud formations just stunning.

The Pentagon and Potomac River

Northern Virginia 

Coming home from a trip, especially when flying is involved, is always
 full of nostalgia for me.  
Each time I land I give thanks for the safe passage, then, if necessary, 
as on that evening, I head to the next flight gate, or the lounge if time permits, 
and settle in for the layover. That evening our flight from Washington to
Raleigh was delayed 2 hours - crew problems - so a comfy lounge wait as
 dusk turned to night was manageable. Eventually, the last thanks for safe travel
 were given as familiar territory appeared below the wing, the landing was good,
 the bags appeared quickly, and the taxi took us home.

There's no place like home, is there?


  1. You are so right...nothing like home. Glad that you had a pleasant journey.

  2. Those cloud photos are amazing Mary! Glad you made it home safely.

  3. Dear Mary - welcome back home.
    I never give a moments thought to safety whilst I am up in the air, but then always offer up a silent thanks once we have landed back safely on terra firma, and especially so when it is back home.
    You took some wonderful images from the plane with your iPhone.

  4. There is indeed no place like home! Like you, I always give thanks for a safe passage (and ask for a smooth and calm flight beforehand).
    Those cloud formations are fantastic!

  5. You got some amazing shots! There's definitely no place like home. I'm not particularly happy about the country I live in, but always happy to return to my things and my bed.

  6. Yes, I agree - there's no place like home. The cloud formations are gorgeous. We visited Washington 3 years ago. Somehow it doesn't seem that long.

  7. Beautiful photographs. I have been away, and have missed you adventures and photographs. I hope all is going well with you. Hugs!

  8. Straight away let me say that the first photograph of the clouds is absolutely stunning and well worthy of publication in a Travel or Lifestyle magazine, what an amazing sight.
    Glad to know that you arrived home safely, there really is no place like it is there?

  9. What fantastic cloud formations and clever photos from the plane, Mary. I enjoyed your pictures of Washington too, especially the Pentagon. We hear about it so often, but rarely see it. I am getting back into blogging after something of an absence while travelling. Glad you have been off adventuring too. xx

  10. Did you step out on the wing or the fuselage to get those wonderful photos?

  11. It is always so wonderful to go places, but then so wonderful to have a place to return to. Those clouds and sights from the plane are just spectacular.

  12. It certainly is good to get home ..... there's nothing better than your own bed is there Mary ? !!!
    As always, your photographs are beautiful ..... those clouds are amazing ! XXXX


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