Friday, February 12, 2016

For Your Eyes Only . . . . . . . . . .

Harrods, London. Most beautiful and amazing department store in the entire world!
Most recent visit there for me was June last year. While Bob looked around the elegant 
Men's Department, granddaughter Jasmin and I took the escalator to the Lingerie
Department. . . . . . just for a peek at what has to be the most stunning collection
of underwear anywhere.
Remember that snippet of sage advice Mother gave us regarding private
 matters best not shared, or skeletons in the cupboard?

Dearest daughter ~ "Never air your dirty laundry in public".

With pretty things like these who would feel embarrassed sharing or airing with
 the entire world!
I think these beautiful panties are so far removed from the ugly knickers
 early generations of women were offered.
 With the quality silk, exquisite appliquéd lace, and even the tiny satin covered
 buttons, it seems a shame to hide them. I do recall I couldn't afford them! 
Yes, these I'd love to peg to an outdoor washing line and let blow in the breeze,
 and I wouldn't give a hoot if the neighbors could see.
Lingerie fabrics have come so far in recent years.
Remember the decades of corsets and girdles, tight and terrible with
 lacing and boning? Well they were a bit before my time, although in the
 '60's I do remember lightweight pull-on girdles, perhaps the early version
 of those 'slimming' garments which seem to have made a comeback.
Girls, ladies - rather you than me - if I can't hold it in myself I refuse to be
 encased like a sausage.
I do enjoy breathing!

This is my pre-Valentine's Day post. After viewing underwear ads enticing
 men to buy tiny red garments for their ladies, along with a box of chocolates
 and long-stemmed red roses. . . . . I decided to show you my photos of these
 pretty undies from London.

So, Happy Valentine's Day - hope someone special remembers 
you with something lovely this coming weekend.
Personally, red undies aren't my favorite, but I love flowers and chocolate!


  1. These are beautiful. Those panties are gorgeous!

  2. Lots of pretty things to look at. I do like nice lingerie. I started buying coordinating sets way back in my late teens, and to this day I have to have matching undies.
    On the subject of the slimming garments, I was at a dinner a couple of years back (at beautiful Greenway in Devon) wearing quite a fitted dress, so I had bought a pair of control top tights/pantyhose. As I was sitting there, I could feel the top rolling down! I whispered this to the friend sitting next to me, who informed me her control knickers had done exactly the same!

  3. You just cannot beat Harrods! Much nicer than garish red underwear.

  4. My mom always said me that no matter what situation every woman has to wear beautiful undies. It was her golden rule) Now when I'm grown up I understand that woman wear such a beauty though no one can see it just because they feel better this way)

  5. Who knew that unmentionables could be so lovely? I did not. Since I have been sewing some...ahem...I am taking closer notice. You can check my creations out on Monday. =D

    There seems to be some major Downton Abbey influence in one of these items.

  6. Oh Mary, you are so right. It is worth a trip to London just to go to Harrod's. I couldn't believe it: nor could I afford that much, but hope I can return one day. It was like the Disneyworld of shopping. So elegant and so many things to die for.

  7. Dear Mary, This fabulous post has made we wonder if I shouldn't change our travel plans to Italy and instead go to London. I love pretty underwear. I can easily do without the red roses and the box of chocolates.

  8. I'm not sure if I've shared my Harrod's story with you. For my 40th birthday, my parents gave my husband and me a trip to England. Of course, we had to visit this famous store. As we were leaving, I pushed open a door, followed by an alarm. We kept walking - what else would you do? We were met around the corner by a bobby, I believe. (It was almost 23 years ago.) We were all embarrassed. My mom, in her quiet little voice, "I said the door is alarmed." I can't write it as funny as it happened. We couldn't even use the excuse that we didn't understand the language. That is one of our favorite travel memories.

  9. Our mothers had the same advice to give! The silky pieces put my bits and bobs of cotton and lace to shame!

  10. What a lovely glimpse into Harrod's! I have always wondered if browsers were welcome! I remember wanting to dance with joy when Leggs panty hose came out & I got to put that dreadful garter belt away, 😁 No more girdling down for me either!

  11. Those pretty lacy underthings would make any woman feel beautiful - like having a secret all to oneself.

  12. Silk and lace - oh my. Add in some chocolates and flowers - perfect day.

  13. Very beautiful lingerie! Oh, for the body to wear them though (certainly not mine!)
    I do recall those girdles from the early 60's with the tabs for holding up your stockings - before some brilliant person invented pantyhose!

  14. Much rather pick out my own undies, but these are gorgeous. I would love those tap undies, just exquisite. Happy Valentine's to you and Bob!

  15. Haha, Mary, you are a hoot! What a pre Valentine's post! I have to say though, when Alex and I were there we also went to the lingerie dept as I wanted to show her just how elegant adn seemingly French it all seemed. I love the glass mirrored walls nearby and the pink hallway with the perfumes and Japanese flowers leading into the department from one of the sides.

    Everything is better at Harrod's. So lovely to see if not to buy as of course everything is also so expensive. I can only imagine how crowded their divine chocolates dept was the day before Valentines! That is my favourite section for certain. My cousin, Arabella, was lucky enough to work there for a year in her gap year and adored it, meeting many fascinating regular customers in the process.

    Great post.

    1. . . . . . and the Food Halls Michael - have you ever seen such an amazing array of gloriously presented foods? Bob and I could spend hours there looking about - my faves are always the bakery, cheese, fish and - well everything actually because it's so fantastic!!
      How lucky your cuz was to work there - what a beautiful experience - it truly is the most beautiful department store in the world!
      Mary -

    2. Oh yes! I would be quite happy living there, I think, eating my way through all those smoked meats, cheeses, etc. :)


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