Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day and early Spring mornings. . . . .

I enjoy posting a seasonal something or other on the refrigerator. Usually it's a tear sheet from a magazine, and almost always it will be from UK Country Living. . . . . because I think it's one of the very best magazines out there!

Today I decided to display this page again because it's one of my favorites for Spring.

The mornings are looking brighter since last week's damaging storm front passed through, and over the weekend I cut the first few daffodils for the kitchen window. Healthy looking green leaves are shooting up everywhere since those heavy rains, even in the window box - though I can't recall just which bulbs I planted there . . . . . a senior moment, but a surprise to come! I did run outside before the rains came and sprinkled a lot of bulb fertilizer where I planted in Fall, looks like it's paying off. Hopefully I'll soon be cutting more blooms to enjoy in the cottage.

Don't have many spare/bare walls remaining to display
 art so the refrigerator door comes in handy
 and, as you can see, magnets are at the ready.

Happy Leap Day - happy week.

Edited: Thank you all SO MUCH for the outpouring of wonderful comments 
on my ninth blog anniversary post yesterday. I appreciate every kind word.


  1. Country Living UK is my favourite magazine as well. What a lovely picture it could be one of your own, with your vintage books. I'm sure your happy to be able to pick a few of your first spring flowers. I know I am. Although I find they don't last very long in a vase. Yours are shouting out ' heh ! spring is on its way '

  2. Good Morning Mary: You are my first go-to blog as I sit here with my coffee. Oh, what a beautiful post. You never disappoint. The colours are fabulous. I adore your fridge-front with the lovely photo from one of my favorite magazines, too. I have bought Country Living for years now. I have spotted a charming white cupboard in your kitchen that has my interest. It is gorgeous. And boy are you ahead of us with bringing in flowers from out-doors. We are still shovelling snow here and will be for awhile. But, there is always in-doors to brighten and play with. We are really getting tired of winter, though. I loved a peak into your beautiful kitchen and out your kitchen window. You must love sitting there with your coffee. "Happy Leap Day to you, too." We still await our grand-son's arrival and think it would be fun to have a leap-year baby. :))) Deb

  3. Daffodils in a vase in our homes is a sure and happy sign that Spring is on it's way, isn't it Mary ?
    I shall be turning the page on my Country Living calendar tomorrow and what's the picture ? ..... Daffodils !!!!!
    Country Living is a lovely magazine { my sister has every single one from the day it started !!!!! } My other favourite is, of course, Jeanne d'Arc Living !!
    Have a good week Mary. XXXX

  4. That is a grand photo, so I can easily see why it is a favorite. Oh, you are lucky to have daffodils so early. I may have one or two bloom this week. I can't wait for some daffodil bouquets!

  5. I used to subscribe to that magazine. I need to pick one up again soon. You are right, it is a great one!

  6. I'm a big fan of Country Living UK edition as well - much better than the American edition! Looks like spring has really sprung around your area. We had mild temps again this weekend, but now another snow storm is coming! March is very fickle here.

  7. You have daffodils!! I can't wait. I keep looking and looking and not a yellow spot anywhere to be found. But, they will come. And, so will my osprey into their nest and I have some trips planned. This spring is gonna be Fabulous. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this morning. Hugs, sweet girl.

  8. Springtime is bursting forth. Your refrigerator is certainly more classy than what I see on mine. I love this idea for sharing something beautiful right there. Oh daffodils are just the very best, such happy flowers. They make our hearts just sing after the darkness of winter.

  9. Your refrigerator door is beautifully decorated! So glad that you have blooming daffodils.

  10. I think that is the most beautiful refrigerator door I have ever seen. You are a genius Mary. Happy Spring

    Hugs, Penny

  11. Lovely spring photos - our weather is spring-like too - like a spring of water with all this rain. It is what makes everything gorgeous in a few weeks though - I do love spring.

  12. Hi Mary, I popped over from Barbara's blog and was so happy to find your delightful post. Oh how I looked forward to the first daffodil blooms when we lived in New England each spring. You have a lovely refrigerator door, perfect for announcing one of the loveliest of seasons.

  13. WEll, yes, I suppose there is a distinct upside to senior moments--that element of suprrise as you so humourously note. Haha.
    Oh yes, "UK Country Living" is definitely one of the best magazines out there imho too. I love the tear sheet you placed on your wall, as do I enjoy the wonderful photos of the daffoldils, window, etc. It all looks so incredibly inviting.
    So does your hubs enjoy all this English stuff around too, aside from his wife from across the pond, that is? I'm thinking he must. :)


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