Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Moving on - can it get any better?

Like me, many of you follow Loi Thai's beautiful blog Tone on Tone Swedish Antiques & More.
Also, just like me, every one of you fell in love with that stunningly beautiful
 house and garden in our nation's capital which became the home of Loi and Tom.
 Just looking through Loi's always charming posts one can see how much time,
 energy and love they put into that house.
One Saturday, early last Spring, Bob and I were fortunate enough to meet Loi in person
at their amazing shop, also named Tone on Tone. I knew that Tom was at home - he was
washing the windows according to Loi - that chilly day, preparing for the photo shoot
 by the Martha Stewart Living publication crew!
The story is in this February issue of the magazine - it's good but I think could have
 been even better with more pages of photos. You can see much more of the 
house on Loi's blog post HERE. . . . . . 

. . . . . . and in this latest post, after viewing the beautiful rooms in the house,
 you will learn that Loi and Tom have just sold their home and are moving
 on in the search for a new property.
I was preparing to show you more of the magazine article from my copy shown
 here in the armoire when Loi's latest post appeared. I was not overly surprised
 at the news knowing they were looking to sell and move on to another property,
 however still saddened that we will no longer be blown away by Loi's decorating
 and gardening in that particular house. 

So, here's to Loi and Tom finding a new home soon - you can see in Loi's post
 where they are searching - and we followers, who love seeing what they can do with
 any space, commercial or residential, know there will be great times ahead.
Good luck in your search dear friends.


  1. Off to a new adventure to decorate, I guess. Me, I'm never moving again (except for selling the farm one day.) They'll be dragging me out feet first.

  2. I don't think I know about this blog or this decorator, but you have whet my appetite to have a look at the blog and the photos!

  3. I love their blog....I found it through you! Off to visit their latest post.

  4. I'm just sorry Tom and I didn't get a chance to host you and Bob, Mary!! We are house hunting and, so far, not going well. Hoping to see lots of new properties in Feb. Hopefully the next time you visit DC, we can have you over :) Thank you, my friend. You are the best!!! xoxo

  5. Mary, I so admire Loi's design sense. I love seeing photos of his homes and shops. I know the next one will be just as charming. I need to pick up a copy of Martha's new issue.

  6. Thanks Mary for letting me see inside such a beautiful house. I also love your books arranged on your shelves, just giving us a hint of the titles. I have those two by Edith Holden, in fact right now they are out on my craft work table as I'd been looking for inspiration for painting, for the early budding tree branches which I note from her dates back in 1906 are way in advance due to the mild winter, although we've had a lot of rain. I love her hand script and such lovely paintings.

  7. I am quite sure that their new home will be just a beautiful as their last, and how fun to watch that as photos begin to be taken of that decorating journey ahead.

    Yes, I've followed this blog since you first mentioned them some while back. Wonderful photos indeed all round! it's also fun, btw, noticing several books on your mantle that my family has had on theirs too. Good tastes. :)


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