Friday, February 5, 2016

Raining all around. . . . . . . . . . .

We've had a lot of rain the past couple of days - not just showers either. 
Heavy rain, saturating the garden, running in a river down the driveway,
filling the bird baths and causing fountain effects as the rain toppled over
 the edges, bring down dead branches and the remaining crumpled
brown leaves from aging oaks around us.
If it had been cold it would have been a massive snowfall.

Despite the conditions, yesterday morning early, when the downpour 
had let up for a while, I hurried out into the garden, still in my night clothes
(older people do things like that), to scatter fertilizer on the many green tips of
 Spring bulbs now appearing everywhere. With rain expected all day I needed
to get going with feeding what hopefully will be a glorious display of blooms
 come March and April.

1975 publication of the enlarged version of Scottish poet
 Robert Louis Stevenson's 1896 edition of 
A Child's Garden of Verses
Magnificent illustrations by Charles Robinson ~ 1870-1937
This was the first full book he illustrated with over 100 pages of pen and ink
 drawings where a distinct beautiful Art Nouveau flavor is evident.

I found my lovely copy in a used book shop several years back and
look at it often. Old people in pajamas reading awesome books for children -
what is the world coming to? 

By the way, the sun is shining brightly this morning and there
 will be some drying out  - but colder days and nights are
 coming with a tiny chance of snowflakes next week. 
Keeping those warm pajamas handy. . . .along with more special books!


  1. Mary, that foray to feed the bulbs, well, I'd have been naked. My children tell me I can't do that at the city house. I told them if neighbors don't want to see an old lady naked then they shouldn't look. All kidding aside, though I can walk around naked at the farm, I won't be doing so at the city house.

    1. Yes, must agree Donna, you'd be best off just staying sans vêtements whilst on the farm - because they will look in the city and you'll be locked up! I'll come visit though.
      Next thing you know we'll be wearing purple hats - actually I have one of those already, well more merlot than purple.
      Mary -

  2. Spring bulbs poking up already? Wow! Still very much winter here. We got a dusting of snow overnight. I shouldn't complain's been a very mild winter for northern IL. Only a few days of bitter cold and one big snowfall. Otherwise, we've had a lot of rain here, too. I go outside in my pajamas all the time! Though I do put a coat on over them. :-)

  3. Special books and pyjamas - you are speaking my sort of English!! I find that an elegant robe or kimono make all sorts of outdoor forays perfectly acceptable. Thanks for the morning smile!

  4. Raining here . Cold and grey and gloomy. I will start packing .

  5. I would have done the same in my jammies if I had some bulbs to fertilize.

  6. Just the sort of thing I'd do, although I'd be safe we don't have any neighbours. Love old books especially children's as they have such lovely illustrations. We too have suffered a week of rain with a short spell of the sun braking through late this afternoon .
    Enjoy your weekend .

  7. Love the image of you feeding the seedlings in your PJs and then settling in to read that book perhaps with a nice cup of tea. I bet you look stunning! Wish we would get some rain. I need to feed everything and a good soaking rain would be nice to follow.

  8. I had to smile at your comment about older people doing things like that. Yes, I am still in my pajamas and sometimes I go outside in them. Rainy here too, but starting tomorrow it is suppose to warm up and the sun is suppose to shine. Hoping the prediction is right. If they are we may begin seeing the daffodils make an appearance around town. Love Art Nouveau, so I know I would just love this book. Sweet!

  9. We too have rain. I also do what you do... That little verse was one I taught to little people I was teaching back in the 1960s.
    I love the illustrations - they would also be good for the current craze of adult colouring in.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing when I was actually coloring in my Christmas present 'adult coloring book' last evening! This is a lovely book though and being vintage (1975) I wouldn't want to deface it. Charles Robinson was such an amazing artist - I learned this after looking him up! Of course I've always been interested in Stevenson because of his writing and odd lifestyle - also for the lighthouse history associated with his father, grandfather and uncles.

      Thanks for stopping by - hope all is well in beautiful New Zealand Ali.

  10. Oh I would love to sit down with your book. A book beautifully illustrated is a great joy.

  11. I was out feeding my emerging daffodils and hyacinths this week too, although I wasn't in my pj's =). However, I would enjoy looking at that lovely books on a rainy day and in that instance I would definitely be in pj's.
    Have a nice weekend, Mary. Hopefully it will be a dry one.

  12. I loved this post - the book of verse, the illustrations, the old folks running outdoors in their pajamas - all fun!!!

  13. You're not the only one, Mary. I just came in from feeding the birds in my long housecoat. The birds get up early looking for breakfast. My neighbor's are probably used to seeing me out there, but I'm old enough now not to care. A pair of bluebirds are already inspecting the bluebird house on my patio. I hope it's the same pair that raised a brood there last summer. I'm hoping Punxsutawney Phil was right this year. :-)

  14. That is indeed a lovely book and actually I'm quite enthralled at the idea of running out in one's PJ's to tend to teh garden, between rainfalls no less. Sounds good to me! As it is, aside from snow, I can;t even recall the last time it properly rained like that here. Any time it does, however, it calls for a celebration. Being that is doesn't come too often, I love the rain here. More please! :)

    BTw, you and hubs keep popping out in your pj's--you've earned that prerogative and if others think you quite mad, let them! The English (and those around them) are allowed to be somewhat batty as we all have a bit of eccentric in us dying to come out! :)


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