Friday, July 31, 2015

Drinking Like the English. . . . . . . .

When home in England in June I fell head over heels for chilled, sparkling
 Elderflower drinks. They seemed to be easily available and perfect for 
the beautiful warm days we encountered during our days in Devon.
Not being a 'soda' drinker at all, I found a chilled bottle of this 
very slightly bubbly, floral and lemon drink perfect for my taste.

The Elder is an ancient hedgerow plant steeped in superstition and mystery.
All parts, bark, leaves, flowers, berries have been used for centuries for 
medicinal purposes, and folklore attributes many powers and properties 
to this plant. 
Now back in the US I've been looking for a similar drink for these 
hot days and found (at my local Fresh Market store) the Belvoir Fruit Farms 
version, imported from England, and ready to drink. 
I have yet to find the cordial over here - a concentrated version which would 
last longer and give one more options, such as adding to white wine for a 
refreshing spritzer. I have however added a dash of chilled sauvignon blanc to a 
glass of this elder flower lemonade and enjoyed it as an aperitif!

Go HERE for more detailed facts and folklore on the Elder plant - shared by 
Belvoir Fruit Farms.
We all love water, but what's your favorite flavored chilled drink for these hot Summer days?
I'm ready for a cool one right now!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

National Lasagna Day. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . was today!
Hope you didn't miss it.

I try to cook mostly from scratch but today 
I didn't spend any time preparing a baking dish full
of lasagna noodles, not even those quick version ones which 
you don't have to boil ahead. The better tasting noodles that you 
pre-boil must then be rescued, all heavy and slimy, from the
 gigantic pot of water steaming up the already hot kitchen,
definitely not a job for July in the south.

Yesterday at Costco I found the perfect - for us - lasagna.
No meat, no unctuous too sweet or too salty red sauce, and no thick
chewy pasta.
We really enjoyed this lighter spinach and broccoli version
with just enough béchamel sauce and cheese between a minimum
of thin pasta noodles. It wasn't frozen and took only 30 mins. to bake
to a golden bubbling top.
Enough for supper on National Lasagna Day with plenty leftover for 
another two meals.
I think I would even enjoy this cold with a little Cesar salad on the side. . . . .
it would make a cool lunch on a stifling Summer day.

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom . . . . . . . .

I was in my late sixties when I made my first run, alone. Crossing one of the most beautiful lakes in northern California. Deep, sparkling water, tall green pines along the shoreline, a snow-capped sleeping volcano in the distance. Somehow, in these later years, I've become brave, adventurous. My heart pounds sometimes and I wonder if this the right thing for an aging heart. On that day, in the quietude of an early morning, I graduated from riding pillion behind my friend on her wave runner. I straddled my own bright red machine, checked my life jacket, looked across the pool of shimmering diamonds, and started my engine. . . . . . . . . . . 

Today I'm joining Linda Kay's WEDNESDAY WIT AND WISDOM
on her blog Senior Adventures.

I like the idea of a writing challenge.
Choose a photo - write a story, a poem, an observation.
Visit Linda Kay HERE for more stories. Perhaps add 
your own, after all we each have a story to tell.

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