Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Travel to where? A new guessing game.

Ready for another little travel guessing game?

 Had to send our passports away when we returned from Ireland.
Always a concern as having your precious passport in, or close by your hot little 
 hand, is much more comforting. Knowing it's 'out there' perhaps flying overhead
 without you relaxing squished in economy with your knees under your chin, or 
traveling on a bumper to bumper dangerous highway to an embassy in our
 bustling nation's capital, can be disconcerting.

Knowing it arrived, thanks to online 'tracking', and was signed for by the embassy
receptionist, was the first sigh of relief. Waiting almost two weeks for the 
welcome FEDEX truck to arrive at the end of the driveway was a bit nerve wracking.
However they're back, visas attached and, other than a few vaccination updates,
we'll be ready to roll come September.

A new country calls - and it's on one of those far off continents. Bob and I will be
 traveling with long time friend Paula again, off to a place she is very familiar with.
After exiting our arrival city we'll head west where we'll be enjoying luxurious quarters
 with just 12 other guests. . . . .'far from the madding crowd' surely?
Country views will be phenomenal and wildlife magnificent.
Weather should be warm as the equator will be just to the north. . . .and we'll not
be far from a big valley, and west of the lake.

More details after you have a guess - just name the correct country from
these not too obscure clues.
There will be a small prize from that country later, when I return.
I'll toss all right answers in the hat and have Bob pull out a winner.
I think this one will be easy peasy for many of you. 

Leave a comment by this Friday, on this post only please.
I won't show any comments until Friday night - and I'm sure
we will have a winner by then!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fade from Blue. . . . . .

Less than two weeks ago I shared the really deep blue of this year's
 hydrangeas in my garden HERE.

The bushes are huge, the flower heads big, heavy and numerous.
Now, just a few days into official summertime, they are already starting to
 fade because they are planted in parts of the garden that get direct sun in the 
afternoon.  These lovely shrubs should really be resting in shadows, taking a
 shady siesta after lunch! When I planted them many years ago I had more
 trees in front of the house and porch and they did get shade. Now the sun's
 rays find them easily so along with very hot temperatures, and often high
 humidity, I'm perhaps lucky to have any hydrangeas at all!

Of course I've cut some for the house and hopefully later I'll have plenty
to dry for the dark days of winter.

I really do believe this is early in the season to have blooms already turning 
dusty shades of pale green, lavender, soft pink. Still beautiful though.

 Between the older blooms there are still fresh bright blue ones opening - such
 wonderful plants.

The front garden on this beautiful Sunday morning. . . . . . . and me blogging
from the shady gazebo in the back garden, where a cardinal mom is feeding her
 squawking baby on the grass, squirrels are performing their usual gymnastics
 on the feeders, woodpeckers and nuthatches are breakfasting on the suet,
 and a sure sound of summer in the south - cicadas making their unmistakable
 music. . . . . 
and I continue to heal (and wait patiently for permission to work in the
 garden again). . . . . . . . . and am thankful for many things.

Do you grow hydrangeas? 
How are they doing this summer?

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