Tuesday, April 22, 2014

After Easter….

Something really weird has happened here this afternoon!
I posted a long, what I thought quite lovely, post for Earth Day at noon - even had some comments - and that post and the kind comments have disappeared, poof into oblivion. Don't recall anything happening like this before!

Instead this post somehow appeared and some of you left comments - I'd not even completed this post and had definitely not published it - it seems somehow the draft has shown up in some bloggers readers!

I did use my laptop at Starbucks this afternoon - perhaps it overdosed on java and is now playing tricks on me!

Has anyone else had Blogger problems today?  
Please let me know if trickery is spreading through Blogland!

A Spring change on the front porch……

The decorated urn in my new header was a spur of the moment/design minute while out in the garden on Easter Sunday afternoon. After a cloudy morning the sun popped out and, although rather breezy, I decided to take a garden walk with my trusty Felco (the best) pruners in hand.

Click pics to enlarge

Are you like me, never certain when to actually prune what? This day I was just doing random nip and tuck in the back area. That meant clipping cheeky invasive wisteria vines creeping into a nearby tree - not good. Some never-to-see-the-light-of-day lower leafless rhododendron twigs required removal. Swathes of ivy draping over the edges of some very big pots scattered around the garden had to be given severe haircuts before taking root in the surrounding ground……the biggest no-no for which my DH is ready to toss ME into the compost bin! Ask him how many hours days he spent last Autumn yanking yards of ivy from the flower beds!

I ended up lifting this huge and heavy urn up onto the potting bench - used for decoration, or supporting a tea cup or wine glass, rather than actually potting - on the front porch. Added an old, fast turning vintage, grapevine ball, the pruned twigs and some of the ivy, and voila something new and quite pretty to welcome any and all callers to the cottage.

Note the fern in the basket in the foreground.  This one of two maidenhair ferns I purchased last week - both to plant in the shady back garden as companions to the bluebells. It's so dainty and bright so decided I'd keep one in the pot here until the weather heats up, then later transfer to the shady ground it apparently enjoys and will eventually spread across.

Perfect weather now for playing in the garden. A little rain has watered the plants and settled the pollen, there are no biting mosquitoes yet, and I've managed to get many outdoor chores done. Next on the list is cleaning out the potting shed……….and painting some small pieces of furniture that have been hiding in there over the long, cold winter months.

What's happening in your garden this week?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Oranges and Lemons…….

I did a double take at one of the more posh garden centers near here last week. This beautiful waxy looking blossom caught my eye. In a little side area there was a line of large plants, some already bearing fruit. I'm sure many of you will recognize this blossom immediately, for others, like me, you will stare at the fruit, then check the tag, and realize California and Florida are perhaps not the only states where citrus fruits can grow. Of course, an orangery, more about them HERE, would be a plus if one plans to venture into raising citrus fruits in a climate such as ours this past six months. Lacking the big bucks required to build a large temperature controlled glass house, I think my weekly mesh bag of lemons will continue to come from the grocery store, those boxes of Florida oranges we pick up at Costco will suffice……and I'll leave the raising to the citrus farmers, thank you very much. 

I do think these are gorgeous blossoms and they smell divine.

Meyer lemons have an intense flavor and are hardier than regular lemons - would still 
need to be brought inside during the winter months here in North Carolina though.

………and then there were these.  
New to me - are you familiar?  Calamondin, a small hybrid citrus fruit - go HERE 
for more about this interesting tree.

However, no matter how pretty, fragrant, tasty or interesting, no purchases of citrus fruit trees this Spring for our garden, just can't take on another thing. We have enough to contend with in the garden now. With long distance travel plans for early Summer, just when it starts to heat up big time here in the south, we cannot start another garden……orange, lemon and lime groves, no way!

Saturday, April 19, 2014



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