Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pondside pondering. . . . . . .

In perfect October weather, in the late afternoon,
I stopped at a nearby pond. Sitting under a canopy of 
golden leaves, watching ripples in the water, I thought 
about how quickly this year is passing and wondered
 what the coming one might hold.

Edward Cucuel 1875-1954 - American-born Impressionist painter 
who lived and worked in Germany.

I love these autumnal words of Eden Phillpotts from his 
amazing book My Devon Year.

~ From orange to crimson, from amber to sea-green,
the color harmonies pass, and intermingle in
streaks and splashes and mottled jewels of all 
ruddy and golden tints that ever the sun painted ~

I have to thank my California friend Sara at her 
wonderful blog Come Away With Me for telling me about 
this book. A few years back I was able to find a copy 
online, published in 1903, complete with 38 illustrations.
Although I'm unable to see my beautiful Devon home in 
person this year, the stories in the book bring the 
memories of my favorite season closer.

The small pond near my house.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gifts from a 'sweet' heart . . . . . .

Sometimes you get what you want!

Sometimes someone special knows just what you want would like.
I loved this mug - creamy white, free form shape, and a word, 
a perfect word, CALM - it arrived on my birthday and my coffee 
has tasted better ever since, honest! 
Let's face it, one can never have 
too many mugs, for coffee, tea, and always flowers.

But wait, there's more to the story . . . . . . . . 

Not often, but sometimes if you're lucky, that sweet someone also works
where what you would truly love to have is waiting. It's been waiting for a while
and bringing it home was considered several times.
You know how SuzAnna's Antiques has treasures anew each time I 
stop by. Sometimes I have to tell myself 'no' and keep my money tucked away 
for necessities rather than indulgences.

The 'sweet' heart worked at SuzAnna's last Sunday on my birthday. When we picked her up 
at five o'clock to enjoy a birthday supper together (her 18th was on Saturday - look HERE),
she surprised me beyond all expectations with the perfect coffee mug, and the 
beautiful dome, on a walnut base, to round off my collection.

My now complete dome collection. Left - Jasmin's fabulous birthday gift, center - an 
extra tall beauty, and right - the large gorgeous oval.

Just think of the fun I'll have with these at Christmas.
Thank you Jasmin, you've really made me a happy grandma.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Millions at last count . . . . .

There he was on my birthday morning as the sun came up, 
munching breakfast on the deck.
No, millions of grey squirrels have not invaded my 
garden - maybe just a dozen at the most recent count -
but this year is one of those bounty years for acorns. 
Millions, trillions, perhaps even a gazillion, are 
carpeting the back garden.

In the sunshine the camellias literally glow. . . . . 
. . . .the golden angel trumpets continue to open and dangle above the overgrown lantana. 
A few late hydrangea blooms wait patiently to be cut and 
dried at just the right moment when their brilliant blues 
turn rosy pink tinged with olive green.
Along the back fence the jasmine has clambered cautiously 
all summer. Here and there a golden leaf falls into a 
special little place announcing autumn's arrival.
Early clouds soon cleared leaving a cobalt sky, perfect 
weather for a birthday, or any day.
I have pansies to plant, along with bags of tulip bulbs. . . 
meanwhile I'm just enjoying these last warm, clear days of 
Thanks to each of you who sent birthday greetings, 
I was thrilled to be remembered as yet another 
year passed by and a new one began.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A little celebration. . . . . . .

Today it's my turn to have a birthday!
If you were here we could kick up our heels with a little party. 
What fun that would be.

Luncheon of the Boating Party - 1880 - Pierre Auguste Renoir

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