Sunday, August 28, 2016

A cool look. . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . and a simple, minimalist lover's idea of a magazine rack!

Just browsing through photos looking for a 'cool' one when this popped up.
  Who would have thought such a simple metal hanger would look this neat on
 the wall - I love it!

Speaking of walls, It seems the current wallpaper trend continues - go 
HERE to view a great selection of classic William Morris designs.

I love this look which proves wallpaper is not old-fashioned and can
look fabulous, even contemporary, in the right setting.
I could even consider giving up my French/farmhouse/vintage Euro look
for this! 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Don't complain about the heat. . . . . . . .

Hotel garden in Broome, Australia - 2012

The temperature/heat index here yesterday when I checked around 2 PM, 
was again 100F. The entire week ahead will remain
in the high 90's with little if any rain.
 It's complicated, the way the weather guys give temperature readings these
 days!  But of course nothing stays the same anymore - there's always a new
 way to do everything. Even my long gone parents used to say that, so I guess it's 
just something that occurs with each decade.

Oh yes, about the heat. Thinking back, I felt the most uncomfortable and overheated
 in two particular places in the world - Singapore and Western Australia. 

Singapore, amazing in many ways, but probably the most hot and humid place 
I've ever experienced - go HERE for a glimpse of my all too brief visit.

Flying across Australia - Sydney to Broome - 2012 

Western Australia? Talk about hot, hotter than hot, the driest
 hot ever. . . . . . . I thought I was going to die in the Northern Territory, especially
 on the days spent adventuring in Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. 
But, wouldn't have missed visiting such an interesting place and
learning so much about the landscape and the Aborigines, Australia's 
indigenous people who have lived there over 30,000 years.

Edited:  I see it's 107F in Death Valley, California today, but will reach 114F on Monday.
The hottest place in the USA. Yes, I was also very hot there on a visit some years back.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Evenings in Africa. . . . . . . .

Needless to say, dining in a safari lodge does not require evening dress.
No dinner jackets and ties, and definitely no gossamer  
gowns and dainty high heeled shoes.
This makes packing even simpler than loading up for a cruise ship.

After returning from game drives in the bush, often more than 
one in a day, dressing for dinner is low on the priority list.
Dusty and windblown, a quick freshen up, perhaps a dash
 of lipstick and a pair of earrings for bling, is about it before a relaxing
 aperitif by the fire pit, then a delicious dinner. You are really hungry by then,
after the fresh air and often strenuous animal viewing, take my word!
Evenings are full of chatter from guests and staff exchanging stories of 
their exciting day. Overhead the huge open sky is glittering with stars.
 Off in the distance lions are roaring, close by there's always some animal
 shuffling about making it imperative to have armed guards in the shadows,
just in case!

Night time can be quite loud in Africa.
I recall my very first night in Africa here in Botswana in 2010. 
Talk about a cacophony of unusual grunts, snorts, roars, munching
 (elephants seem to eat 24 hours a day), and assorted bird calls and screeches,
 all of which sound like they are right on the other side of the tent canvas.
More on safari 'tents' coming in a future post.

~ In the sitting room before dinner at Downton Abbey ~

~ The sitting room area at Mara Plains Camp ~

Not much difference between the two, except perhaps the wallpaper, artwork, 
 and dress code - and of course Downton Abbey had nothing wilder than those dear
 yellow labrador retrievers close by, perhaps giving a friendly bark now and then. 

I wonder who will be coming to dinner in Kenya.

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