Friday, October 31, 2014

All Hallows' Eve. . . . . .

Dusk will fall fast a few hours from now. 
It will be a perfect evening for donning costumes, painting faces, and walking through the neighborhood.
There are treats ready on the porch. Come little goblins, ghouls, witches and princesses. 
Dip your hand in the basket for Kit Kats, Peppermint Patties, M&M's and such ----------- before Mr. Bob eats them all!

Edited: Guess what Mr. Bob is munching on. Very few kids came - it was a trick after all!


  1. It will be cold and windy tonight. Don't know how many trick or treaters will venture out, even if it is Friday (usually a good night for Halloween). I may have a lot of candy left!

  2. It is raining here right now. We live in a neighborhood where there are no children, so no trick or treat here. We might have snow tomorrow! Hopefully it will start north of Asheville.

  3. I'd love to come to your door for a treat as they are all my favourites! We always buy treats that we enjoy as we only get about 6 kids at the door, if we're lucky. :) Have a nice evening.

  4. Love that picture; what is it? Fortunately, we have had few visits from young humans so far - thus I will indulge myself in wee sweeties and chocolate bars next week.

    1. Mike, I took the pic of the old abandoned country house in North Carolina last autumn - gussied it up with PicMonkey! Thought it looked perfect for a somewhat scary 'Halloween House'.

      We are now stuck with an awful lot of candy - tricksters were just not out in force this year around our neighborhood. Have't seen a smashed pumpkin yet!


  5. Dear Mary, I will be by for the M & M's. Happy Halloween to you and to the rest of the goblins at your house.

  6. It will be rainy here tonight - but we are ready for all the ghosties, ghouls and goblins, and princesses, Darth Vadars and clowns. We have the same problem with the candy disappearing - but the poor teddy bears get blamed for it.

  7. The weather here is not going to be very nice for trick or treating.
    It is cold and windy and gonna rain. Yuck.
    Happy Halloween Mary!

  8. Love the photo!
    Did you have goblins to take the candy away?
    I bought 30 large candy bars and had 2 trick or treaters.
    This, sadly, will be our last year as the rest of the block
    stayed dark. Now I have all that candy, oh dear!
    Happy Halloween and weekend! xoxo m

  9. Great photo, Mary! I didn't allow myself to buy Halloween candy this year, and instead gave out packages of mini pretzels. They got mixed reviews. Some said, "No thank you." while other said, "I only want candy." A few actually exclaimed, "Great, pretzels!". One teenage girl said, "You got it! I love to mix salty with sweet." Don't you love trick or treaters?
    Happy Halloween!

  10. Great picture Mary. Halloween is over for another year now, I had quite a lot of callers this year as the weather has been dry and really warm.I decorate the porch and by the front door each year and felt it was worth it this year - often there are only 2 or 3 lots of trick or treaters. Hope you had a Happy Halloween.

  11. Cute graphic! I decided to not even do a post this year for Halloween. We had a little bit of rain last night, so most of the neighborhood children stayed home. Last year we had about 4 dozen. This year was an even 12. So we have a LOT of left-overs!


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