Monday, October 6, 2014

Anthropologie - home and gift shopping . . . . . .

I was at Anthropologie a couple of weekends ago.  
Having a branch of this shop just a couple 
of minutes from the cottage is fantastic. . . . .but 
When it opened a few months ago I could hardly contain 
myself, however I waited a couple of weeks before 
visiting because I was just back from Europe and there 
were bills to pay and more important things to do than 
'go shopping'.

Just walking into Anthro' is a joyful experience.
Their creative crew do decor like no other.
The clothing is of course beautiful, often unusual, and 
always expensive. I usually leave that part until last 
as I don't buy much of it other than if I spy a real 
bargain in the sale room.
However, the items for the home are wonderful, many of the
small things are quite affordable. Their plates, bowls,  
cabinet hardware, and candles are fabulous. Their selection 
of books is legendary - fabulous cookbooks, photography 
and decorating books from around the world.  

On this visit I immediately fell for the tiny salt 
and pepper set(first pic). Although a modern, simple design, 
I think they look good with my antique pearl-handled silver servers. 
Unglazed china outside with beautiful highly glazed bowls 
in shades of aubergine, a must have for a small dinner 
party, at just $5 each.

The plates with free-form edges and writing - 
I love anything with words - are special at $14,
beautiful glazing and unusual design. I bought two 
for dessert or teatime treats with a friend.

The sugar bowl, same unglazed exterior, with beautiful 
green glazed bowl and the sweetest tiny spoon, just $14 
for the set. A small gift I think anyone would enjoy.

Do you have a favorite store for gift shopping? 
Is it a national chain or a local one-of-a-kind shop,
such as the fabulous Oxford Green I shared with you 
a couple of weeks ago? Yes, I plan another visit there 
soon - I know Shawna will have plenty of gorgeous gift 
items for the coming Holiday season. 


  1. I do love Anthro but there is not one near here. There is a nursery here called B B Barnes, that I love to go into. The are always playing classical music and the air smells of flowers. It is one of my happy places :-)

  2. I love Anthro, too, store here (our city not large enuf) and I love what you bought...

  3. I wish there was an Anthropologie in the UK - Pottery Barn as well! I suppose OKA is the nearest I can think of over here but it isn't a patch on some of the US stores I've been in.

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog Mary! Wish we had an Anthropologie in The Netherlands. I often see photo's of clothes and accessories passing by which are really pretty.

    Have a lovely week!

  5. I too am a big fan of Anthropologie. I love too much in that store. The sales are good, but usual prices are kind of high. Thank goodness their clothes don't fit me or I'd be wearing a lot of them. Just love that you don't see clothes like that anywhere else. Love their Christmas stuff too.

  6. Oh I remember those! :) They look great in your kitchen dear. Specially love the SP shakers. I hope you're enjoying the cooler weather.... Love, Vanessa

  7. Lovely gift ideas. I've never been to Anthropologie as we don't have them here but I did take photos of their windows (late at night) in NYC 2 years ago when we were walking about. The windows were amazing all dress for Christmas and winter.

  8. Mary, I love Antropologie. Always find something sweet there. I hope you are enjoying the autumn. Hugs, Bonnie

  9. I've discovered Tuesday Morning - oh what a nice store. Lovely displays and brand name items at greatly reduced prices. Today I got some cabbage leaf shaped dinner plates and sandwich plates - what fun.

    Love the photo - your items are great. Love your shopping tirps.

  10. We live no where near an Anthro so I've rarely been in one, but I've admired their wares from afar. The salt and pepper bowls are really unique and will add flair to your dinner table. Plates with words - yes, please!

  11. I love Anthropology, but don't venture there often.
    Like you I avoid most of the clothing, except the sale room;
    but the other delights just capture my eye. I just did a little
    Christmas shopping online with L'Occitane, since I had a nice


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