Tuesday, October 21, 2014

At the State Fair. . . . . . .

We hadn't been in many years and must admit it was a 
few hours of fun, even moments of nostalgia, in 
yesterday's brilliant sunshine.

We wandered through the midway rides, watched the children
having a great time, while families stuffed huge 'snacks' 
the likes of which I refuse to even describe!

At last, a more healthy 'snack', however we opted for a dish 
of maple walnut ice cream churned by a John Deere tractor!

We looked, our taste buds wondering just how yummy a scone or 
a muffin has to be to gain a blue ribbon!

For me the only real disappointment was not being able 
to get up close and personal with the livestock any longer. 
Due to animal-borne illnesses where children became 
ill some years back, state laws have changed disallowing 
handling of chicks, ducklings, bunnies etc. Hand washing 
when exiting the livestock buildings is enforced. 
This handsome young bull was the closest I came to a 
large animal - he was in the Children's Barnyard and out 
of reach to probing little hands. . .petting zoos are
now a definite no-no.

Loved the displays of arts, crafts, cookery . . . such 
talent from North Carolina's great artisans.

Next time I'll share the gardens and floral displays at 
the State Fair. 
I was greatly impressed - not quite the world famous 
Chelsea Flower Show of London, but truly beautiful, with 
colors and designs that knocked my socks off!


  1. Beautiful and colourful photos Mary. I love the one of the ferris wheel and the one of the merry-go-round, which is very colourful. That quilt is gorgeous! We still have petting zoos here with the fairs but I'm sure their days are numbered. My sister was bitten by 'something' years ago at a fair where they took their son to the petting zoo. She thinks it may have been a tick of some sort and may be an explanation to all her health problems over the years. Getting diagnosed for Lyme Disease here in Canada is almost impossible and it's expensive to go to the US but people do to get help. I enjoyed your post. xx Pam

  2. Now that's my kind of state fair. Scones instead of fried butter.

  3. That looks loud, brash, colourful - and a lorra fun! I don't know how we survived in bygone days though, before health & safety - sensible, I know, but you do wonder sometimes... And nostalgia isn't what it used to be, either :-)

  4. Such color in your photos, Mary - rich and clear. What a beautiful day to have at the fair. Fair food is really outrageous, isn't it? We still have a petting zoo in our town, mostly goats. My little grandchildren love it. They are allowed to brush the goats, too. Health concerns do take over sometimes, don't they?
    Those quilt artists are so talented. What lovely work they do. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Wow! It looks like it was a fun colorful day!

  6. The NC fair looks amazing Mary. But I am with you on fair food. Are they trying to poison us? Those quilts are works of art. I especially like the floral wall hanging. I used to be a quilter so can appreciate the artistry and skill that went into them. You captured the fair beautifully in your pictures.

  7. A fun day at the fair! I am always amazed at the stuff people will put in their mouths at the fair - and not touch that kind of food any other time - I wonder if their tummies hurt? We usually get some ice cream from the Women of Dairy Farms - oh my they make some good ice cream - usually I pick blackberry, with blackberries picked locally. YUmmmm.

  8. There is something so fun to walk through the midway. Yes, the food is huge and very little is healthy,
    but still fun to see the imagination of the vendors. There is so much fun color to photograph here.
    Oh the scones remind me I missed judging them this year in Oregon, but maybe next year. It is amazing
    how many different scones you find when judging the creativity, flavor, and texture.

  9. It looks like it was, indeed, colorful and fun! Loved the reflection of you and your hubby in that one photo. And that best of show quilt was spectacular!

  10. It's not everyday that you can eat ice cream churned by a John Deere tractor. That would be hard to pass up.
    Great photos of the variety to be found at the state fair. It is a shame about the petting zoos as that always seemed like a fun way for city dwellers to get a little taste of farm life.
    The quilt displays are lovely. I so admire those who are talented enough to make them. It looks like a lot of work to me, but the results are well worth the time and effort.

  11. Hi =)

    the fair looks like funny , and you did a great job with the photos, they are colourful and nice ! Thanks for sharing !
    Greetings from Brazil


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