Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Do you bake?

Anthropologie have these really pretty rolling pins, 
round and rectangular pans, and measuring spoons, all 
were displayed in my local shop last week - great gift 
ideas even if you don't need them for your own kitchen.

While writing a lot about the autumn pumpkins 
currently being sold at each bend in a country road, 
or even your local grocery store, and requesting recipes, 
all of which I'm so grateful for, I came across this 
awesome looking Pumpkin Carrot Cake from 
Gold Medal flour.
Go HERE if you would like the recipe.

I haven't made this yet but, as I love carrot cake in 
all its guises, I may give it a try soon . . . but only 
when a large group is expected for tea. I don't want 
leftovers. It's a lack of willpower issue!

More china from Anthropologie - I just adore the bowls and 
buy them often, usually in white. Use them for everything in 
the kitchen, at the table, morning latte bowls, storing 
leftovers . . . literally 'from soup to nuts'.

Yes, pretty useful things at this lovely shop.


  1. Yes! I bake. Many of my recipes I grew up with or my husband did, so when I baking I'm also giving a nod to the past - stirring up memories as well as cookies. I don't bake as much as I used to, fewer mouths to feed in this house. But when I do, I want a large crowd to share my goodies and save me from the leftovers.

  2. I definitely have to go to London and visit one of the Anthropologie shops! Love those measuring spoons, as you say they would make a lovely gift.

  3. Oh my! What a delicious post. I love the beautiful dishes and the colourful bowls from Anthro and the cake sure looks delicious too. I'm like you and would have to make a cake like that for guests so there aren't leftovers. :) It's sunny and very cool here this morning in the upper 40's with a chilly wind. It's a scarf day. :) I hope yours is a bit warmer than that!

  4. I would be in so much trouble if there was and Anthro near me!

  5. I agree with Penny. Too much temptation. That carrot cake looks delicious Mary. Hope you are enjoying our wonderful Fall weather.

  6. I have purchased those same bowls mostly in white also and love them.
    Yes, we use them for many things all the time. The carrot cake looks
    totally awesome. I would have a difficult control issue if I made it for sure.
    I had thoughts of doing some baking tomorrow, but then I found some
    already baked apple bread in my freezer which makes life so easy just to thaw.

  7. Such an amazing store! I would certainly have trouble getting on a plane back to good ol' blighty with suitcases full of this bounty!!

  8. I love Anthro. Such pretty colors and designs. I have a raw carrot cake recipe I want to try very soon. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  9. I do bake - often it is pie since that is Don's favorite. When the kids were all still home I baked a LOT of cookies and cakes - my goodness, they and their friends could sure eat!! Now I have to make smaller pies so they don't go to waste.

  10. I do bake, Mary, but not very much for just Dennis and myself. I like to take a baked good to a potluck or group dinner where it won't be in the house to tempt us. Love the Anthropolgie finds you shared. xxx ~ Nancy

  11. Gorgeous baking dishes and rolling pins! So nice! That carrot cake looks scrumptious! I do bake, but not often.


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