Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada - and just look at those trumpets. . .

After the falling tree incident shown in my previous post, 
we headed into the garden to mow the grass, water, and 
prune back a few things. . . . .but not these yet, the 
Angel Trumpets (brugmansia) so gorgeous in the autumn sunshine.

It's that special time of year again. At last the days of 
struggling for survival are over for the gardens here in 
the southeast. 
Are we happy the months of oppressive heat and high 
humidity are gone? You bet we are. Even some rain
is welcomed now for newly seeded lawns, the last
blooming shrubs, and to moisten the soil for soon to 
be planted spring blooming bulbs.

The Angel Trumpets, once again, have surprised us. 
Some years they bloom by mid-September, 
others as late as the first week of November.  
Following last year's unusually cold winter we
wouldn't have been surprised if there were no 
blooms at all this year. This is a semi-tropical
plant which is cut back to the ground and heavily 
mulched for winter here.

Those late hydrangeas continue to amaze and soon I'll be 
cutting and drying the blooms for the house.

The heavily blooming Angel Trumpets often bring braking 
vehicles in the street, people call out asking "what is 
that plant?" 
We tell them, and always advise that all parts of the plant 
are poisonous so not a good choice if you have young 
children playing in the garden, or foraging pets.

So here's my garden in autumn dress - a little southern 
cottage garden collage for my Canadian friends 
up north as they celebrate Thanksgiving today beneath 
their already stunning red and gold maples 

Wishing you all a wonderful time with family and friends.
I wish ours came early too so we could celebrate in 
a more relaxed way - the late November date is much too 
close to the Christmas rush - do you agree readers 
here in the USA?


  1. Mary, your garden is an inspiration to me. I work full time so do not have the time for a full out cottage garden but slowly this past summer I have added. I love the little lantern you have planted in with the flowers. Do you ever light a candle in there?

    1. Jeanne, they are solar lamps - my hubby's 'babies'. He has several around the garden for evening/nightime lighting - they do look pretty in the dark.
      Thanks for stopping by - glad your cottage garden is coming along - gardening takes a lot of time!

  2. I have two brugmansia, and this year not a single flower, well I did have one flower but something came along and chomped through it before it had chance to open. I have just bought them into the conservatory for the winter, and keeping my fingers crossed that next year they will look as good as yours.

  3. Thank you for the Thanksgiving greetings. We went for an after-dinner walk to Butchart Gardens yesterday and the angel trumpets were proclaiming their glory just like yours. I don't know if this plant would survive in other parts of Canada, but it was sure impressive yesterday!

  4. Beautiful! I don't mind Thanksgiving in the U.S. in late November. It is a good reminder at that time of year to be thankful, not too far away from Christmas. What I object to is the commercial push that keeps getting worse and worse. Now, mind you, I am a proud capitalist. But there is something fundamentally wrong for Christmas decorations to go up in a store like Kohls in mid-September.

  5. What a beautiful shrub! It really is stunning looking all in bloom, Mary. We had a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures (about 60F) which is nice for us in October. My annuals are still blooming and look better than the perennials at this point. In another month we'll be decorating for Christmas. :) I just wish shopping was as easy as decorating. I'm dreading it.

  6. Your garden is lovely - our rains have begun and everything is soggy and falling over - next non-rain day I'll get out there and cut things back and pull things up - but just couldn't do that until the rains started.

    I too wish our Thanksgiving was earlier in the year - but we've cut back on the cooking - doing brunches mostly and that helps make things not so hectic.

  7. Beautiful trumpets and I love the hydrangea too! Gorgeous flowers. My sister had a huge pink trumpet. I don't think Id ever seen a yellow one. Yes, those are plumeria blossoms in a pot in my back yard. I've had the plant (cuttings of it have been shared) for many years now, and in different environments. It likes it here in AZ but it had to be protected a little from the extreme summer heat and will again over the coldest part of winter.

  8. You have a lovely fall garden, but if you are getting a storm like we are now, your blooms will not last much longer. I, too, agree that Thanksgiving is too close to Christmas and Christmas is waaaaaay too commercial.
    Farm Gal in SW VA

  9. Your Autumn garden is delightful dear Mary.
    Please tell me what the rose is below the birdhouse. I'm planting more and it looks like a good doer!
    Everything looks so well cared for.
    Your clever decorating touches appear in the garden too, like the pumpkins and Mums on the garden seat!
    I would just love to slip the gate latch, walk up the garden path and knock on your front door one day!!
    It's all so welcoming Mary!

  10. Yes, It would be lovely to be a bit earlier for Thanksgiving.
    It does rush Christmas, as I get the decorations out the very next day.
    Your trumpet vine is amazing. We have it on our front porch and it has bloomed
    only once. Jim threatens to pull it out. Your garden is just lovely. How I would
    love sitting out your porch with you and enjoying a cup of tea.


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