Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's cook pumpkins. . . . . .

I did bring home a few more pumpkins in shades of 
grayish green last Sunday. 
I wanted them for the dining room table which is 
now heavily laden!  
Am I nuts or what? Why do I feel the need to add 
more. . .perhaps because later I plan a lot of 
pumpkin roasting.

I may have to get my sister-in-law's 
assistance. She lives in a small French village in the 
Languedoc area where I know pumpkins play a big part 
in local cookery. I've visited in Autumn and 
hung out at a Pumpkin Fête. . .a spectacular 
display of huge pumpkins, most of which appeared to 
be going in someones pot or oven rather than 
sitting on a doorstep awaiting little goblin and 
witch attired Trick or Treaters!

This season will see me trying out different types as I want 
to see how the taste and textures differ. If the French can 
eat all types in their wonderful autumn/winter recipes, 
I need to learn their secrets. 
Go here to see my former post on that French village 
Fête visit - more French pumpkins, and one shared recipe 
for a great soup from a kindly village madame.

Anyone out there with some really scrumptious pumpkin 
recipes please? 
Hold the pies and breads, shower me with ideas for 
stews, bakes, crumbles, soups (can never have too many 
soup recipes). Boiled, baked, mashed, chopped, grilled, 
oven-roasted, you know. . . all the ways to bring 
something healthy and gorgeous to the table on the 
chilly winter nights ahead. 
I'd be ever so grateful.


  1. I usually only use pumpkin for pies, but I would love to know if you get some great savory recipes! I love the pumpkins sitting on top of the spools...

  2. I like to make pumpkin curry. I use sweet potato and pumpkin, coconut milk, extra coconut, and my favourite curry spice paste. It is not meant to be too hot. Sometimes I add fish. This is eaten in the Torres Strait region.

    1. Yum Louise, that sounds fabulous! Somewhat Thai perhaps and we love those flavors. I use coconut milk always in my curried soups - so I will definitely try to concoct a version of this curry. Thanks so much for sharing and giving me more of an idea as to how pumpkin can be used differently, and in a savory rather than sweet dish.
      Hope you are well and enjoying life in Darwin.
      Sending good wishes your way - Mary

  3. Lovely photos - your decorations are always so elegant. I have no new ideas for pumpkin cooking. I do the basic soups, add them in chunks to stew and sometimes bake or grill them with a little butter and/or brown sugar - simple basics. And of course there is my favorite - pumpkin pie, everyone has their favorite recipe for that - I add a little dark molasses to mine for a bit more flavor - and sometimes I just bake it in small individual tureens as a custard - without the crust. I love to have a nice cold pumpkin custard and a cup of hot cinnamon tea - ahhhh pumpkins - so humble - so amazing.

  4. I have no idea how one makes a Pumpkin Latte. Any ideas;) I love the idea of Louise's yummy Pumpkin Curry. Sorry I haven't been around to say hello of late, I have missed your adventures so. Paul xo

  5. Oh my goodness, you just could resist all those beauties, could you? We prepare an exceptional winter squash soup, and the pumpkins you have could easily be substituted. The recipe is an old one, shared with us at Hancock Shaker Village (where we sampled it for lunch). I published it on my blog here:

  6. P.S. The soup freezes wonderfully. We always prepare a BIG batch and then put freeze portions of it in Ziploc "twist and loc" containers.

  7. Wow, those look wonderful Mary. I really must get my mind around to this. As for recipes, Elizabeth over at Pinecones and Acorns is always cooking something with pumpkin, one of her favourite ingredients. Pop on over and introduce yourself. She's wonderful!

  8. Your pumpkins are gorgeous. I prefer the savoury squash dishes like soup to pumpkin pie. Roasted pumpkin cubes with rosemary would be good - I make it with butternut squash but I don't know why pumpkin couldn't be used. Do let us know what fabulous recipes you come up with. Autumn is such a great time for squashes.


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