Monday, October 27, 2014

Millions at last count . . . . .

There he was on my birthday morning as the sun came up, 
munching breakfast on the deck.
No, millions of grey squirrels have not invaded my 
garden - maybe just a dozen at the most recent count -
but this year is one of those bounty years for acorns. 
Millions, trillions, perhaps even a gazillion, are 
carpeting the back garden.

In the sunshine the camellias literally glow. . . . . 
. . . .the golden angel trumpets continue to open and dangle above the overgrown lantana. 
A few late hydrangea blooms wait patiently to be cut and 
dried at just the right moment when their brilliant blues 
turn rosy pink tinged with olive green.
Along the back fence the jasmine has clambered cautiously 
all summer. Here and there a golden leaf falls into a 
special little place announcing autumn's arrival.
Early clouds soon cleared leaving a cobalt sky, perfect 
weather for a birthday, or any day.
I have pansies to plant, along with bags of tulip bulbs. . . 
meanwhile I'm just enjoying these last warm, clear days of 
Thanks to each of you who sent birthday greetings, 
I was thrilled to be remembered as yet another 
year passed by and a new one began.


  1. Well - very many happy returns of the day! I trust you celebrate in style. Red squirrels have been largely traumatised by grey ones in the UK, but are still around in parts of the north of England and Scotland. Lovely autumn colours.

  2. Lovely autumnal photos, the acorns are amazing. Also I wish you a belated 'Happy Birthday' !

  3. What lovely photos, Mary. I especially love the little birdhouse. A belated "Happy Birthday" to you. :) Deb

  4. Your garden looks beautiful this time of year. I love the shot of the golden leaf cradle in the statue.

  5. Hi Mary, Sending belated Happy Birthday Wishes to you on this beautiful autumn North Carolina day.

    Your garden is lovely and brings back wonderful memories of fall in my beloved North Carolina.

    Erin and Bentley

  6. You sure do have a LOT of acorns! A great feast for the squirrels. Your gardens and flowers are still putting on a great show and look lovely. Enjoy.

  7. The light on the flowers and foliage is warm and golden. What a marvelous day for a birthday! The golden trumpets are really something.

  8. Lovely photos - a perfect day for a birthday. I love all your flowers that are still blooming - we are in the beginning of days and days and days of rain - normal for us. I'd love to still have the flowers but I would never, ever, ever trade our fabulous warm summer for the hot muggy days that give you your late autumn flowers - Never. But I love to look at the photos.

  9. I loved this beautiful visit to your yard on your birthday. Those squirrels have a regular smorgasbord of acorns.
    What a treat for them. I love seeing acorns. Your trumpet flowers just make me smile. We did plant on pot
    with winter pansies. Now I am wondering if we need more bulbs. I just love tulips and daffodils in the spring.

  10. I love the photograph of the golden leaf that has fallen so perfectly into the little angel's basket! It's amazing how our plants are still thriving... but as the nights get colder, I will have to determine which plants (if any!) I can bring inside to salvage. Any idea what I should do with my potted hibiscus trees? I don't think they will survive in the garage, as it will get below freezing in there. Bring them inside, perhaps? I'd hate to let them go. And my hydrangeas are potted... will they last in the winter? I am still new to gardening!!

    xo Cassie

  11. Your garden is beautiful, so full of lovely growing things . . . and acorns. I hope you had an especially good day on your birthday. I see you did receive a wonderful gift to complete your collection, along with that coffee mug, simplicity itself and this, quite elegant in its own way.

  12. Your beautiful autumn garden is a birthday present all by itself!

  13. beautiful photos of what's blooming in your garden!

  14. Have you read the book Luncheon of the Boating Party? It's a novel based on the characters in the painting. It was a good read.
    Happy belated birthday!


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