Saturday, October 4, 2014

My comfort zone today……………

 It's time for a garden post because, after last night's
showers, we awoke early this morning to a refreshed view 
from the windows. We decided, after breakfast, to put 
in a few hours of work pruning, pulling out weeds, 
overgrown ivy and periwinkle, digging out a couple of dead 
plants, and cutting back the old climbing roses along the 
back fence - their trellis needs replacing - and they were
just not flowering well the past two seasons.

The Peace Rose has blooms again, it never fails
to amaze me.

 Before doing all that, once the sun was shining and things 
were drying off, I grabbed a camera and took some pics of 
freshly washed flowers and pumpkins.
I must tell you, I had nary a bloom on my hydrangeas this 
past Spring and Summer - due apparently to our unusually 
cold Winter for this southern area. Now here it is Autumn, 
and this bush is blooming quite profusely, beautiful blues, 
some already turning a pinkish-mauve soon to be cut for 
drying and decorating indoors.

 This is my yellow pumpkin, note it's not an 
orange one! It reminds me of a lovely sunset. 

I do love the Autumn garden - until the leaves 
start falling and all that raking and blowing 
becomes hard work. 
It's still warm, so until then I will enjoy taking tea 
on the front porch, watching the birds at the 
feeder - today there were cardinals, chickadees and 
bluebirds - surrounded by Nature's lovely colors.


  1. Hello, this is the first time I have visited your place. I have only been blogging for a short time but I have found great pleasure visiting friends and friends of friends. The photos of your autumn garden are entrancing. Your yellow pumpkins is especially beautiful and I love the purple mums with the matching pumpkin. What a joyful place this is . I will have to come back for another look. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  2. Your Peace rose looks so healthy Mary, a gorgeous flower and he fat bud ready to burst into flower!
    We are having an unusually cold Spring and even snowfalls throughout the country - not where we are though!
    Your hydrangea flowers are such a beautiful blue - I'll be interested to see how they dry.
    Pretty pumpkins - I'm not into orange so I love your white and grey ones!
    Mary,I've wondered how your new "Belinda" rose performed in Summer. I'm hoping to find one here for my garden!

  3. Ahhh, this is so pretty and peaceful.

  4. Autumn is such a wonderful time to enjoy the last flashes of colour in the garden and to welcome the birds back that will be visiting you over the colder months, for all those tasty treats in the feeder.
    Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon Mary.
    Paul xx

  5. Your pumpkins are so wonderful Mary. I love the colors and types you have picked. Today is sunny here but still cool. We actually had frost on our outdoor furniture this morning! I am going to take a walk around my yard and see if my hydrangeas are blooming. We only had two blooms this summer!

  6. I am loving Autumn Mary, especially with the pumpkins in all their shapes and sizes. We are now getting the changes and there is a bite to the air in the morning so my autumn nesting is in full swing! Have a wonderful week x

  7. Just beautiful!! I love your knack for this kind of decor.

  8. Your fall garden is just stunning.
    I do love the Peace rose and hydrangeas too.
    I have a weakness for mums this time of year
    and want so badly to buy some, but our garden
    is full of them from past years. I may weaken yet.

  9. A beautiful comfort zone, indeed, Mary. Such lovely autumnal tones; every season has something special to offer. Enjoy your morning tea on the porch, while it's still warm enough. Thanks for sharing.



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