Friday, October 17, 2014

My Weekly Thought . . . . .

The perfect October weather has now arrived just in time for the North Carolina State Fair.

Perhaps this year I'll take some time to visit. I've not been in many years.
No crazy carnival rides for me, just wandering through the exhibits of 
prizewinning flowers, vegetables, baked goods, art, crafts etc., and 
cuddling baby animals, especially the cute ducklings, always my favorites.
If I go it will be on a weekday - too crowded at the weekend when
North Carolinians come from across the state in droves.  With the glorious 
weather, this opening weekend will be so busy.

Do you enjoy attending events such as your state's fair?


  1. I haven't been to a state or regional fair in many years. I use to go just for my yearly taste of cotton candy! Now I would not like the cotton candy. Too sweet.
    p.s. did you get my email?

  2. I don't like crowds, so I would definitely go on a weekday when things are a bit more quiet. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Fall fairs are fun events to attend but I haven't been to the one in our city for years. It's held the Labour Day weekend here but there are other fairs that take place all through September. I'm sure you will have a fun time. Enjoy the weekend. xx Pam

  4. There's a big fair each Labour Day weekend in our town and I've never been to it. Someday I'd like to go, but there always seems to be something more pressing or interesting to do. I don't even know if they have such things as craft/quilting displays or the judging of preserves like I see in movies and books.
    Do have a wonderful weekend, Mary, with lots of good things to feed your soul.

  5. We have county fairs in mid summer, one is just 16 miles north of us - and then the big State Fair in September - but it is in Puyallup - too far to drive back and forth in one day - so we haven't been to that one. I've even entered quilts in the county fair - and won some ribbons. I love the displays of the fair, though we didn't get to go this year.

  6. What a beautiful collage you made for your weekly thought, Mary.
    If you get to the state fair, I hope the camera goes with you (hint hint:). We haven't been yet, but would love to get there one of these days. I do love state fairs and for all of the reasons you mention. The rides and junk food can be there for others. Give me the amazing garden produce and farm animals.

    Our weekend is shaping up to be a nice one. Hope you enjoy it.

  7. I love October. I enjoy going to the fair on off days, definitely not a weekend traffic frenzy day...
    One thing I've observed though, if you go on a busy day go early. It seems the crowds come out at noon and after!

  8. I used to love the state fair but these past several years I seem to have lost interest. I've become a real loner, probably not a good thing, but...

  9. Yes, I love visiting the state fair. Ours is in August, so long gone.
    Not this year, but the past years I was a judge for the scone and tea
    competition. It was so much fun. Have fun at the fair.

  10. Mary, I love your beautiful collage with it's October theme. A few years ago I went to the Texas State Fair with some friends from Dallas. We didn't go on any of the rides on the midway either. I enjoyed seeing all the animals and the arts & crafts on display but I thought that some of the foodie treats were a bit strange, especially the corn dogs!
    Hope your blues have blown away now and that your weekend is grand.


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