Friday, October 10, 2014

Photo Challenge October - Still Life

  • I enjoyed this month's challenge
  • I love taking still life photos with all four cameras I use
  • I still need to learn more about the Canon 7D-DSLR
  • I will cry if my older Olympus SP-590UZ ever dies on me
  • I will always be thankful for my reliable little Nikon Coolpix S6400 point & shoot
  • I'm loving my new iPhone 5S which takes much better pics than my old version 
For the challenge this month I'm showing still life photos taken around my home. I like that they have an autumnal feel to them. 
I read that still life photography means to make a picture rather than to catch one - I think that says it all!

I pruned my New Dawn Rose on the back fence last weekend. 
The clippings included several stems with rosehips which I 
decided to add to this simple black glass vase from IKEA.
I love how the shadows appear almost  like writing on the dining room walls. 
I used the Nikon Coolpix S6400 for this pic.

I would love to have this pic made into an iPhone case - anyone know how 
you can do that?

I think the dark background for the pumpkin is quite painterly, and with some additional 
PicMonkey editing, I've tried to get that same feeling as seen in those old oil paintings  
by using darks, highlights and textures. Taken with the Olympus SP-590UZ.

Old hotel silver spoon, fresh apricots and a peach - on my wood topped kitchen island - used the trusty Olympus again, my go to camera for food pics.

Hope you stop by Donna's place HERE to see more great pics for the October
Personal Photo challenge.


  1. They are all lovely. I took my Canon to the States but never used it once. So much easier to stick my iPhone in my pocket or a small crossover bag and just snap away. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  2. Beautiful photos. I use a EOS 70D and an SX240 but now I hanker after the new 7DII but I will wait till it comes down in price first

  3. Beautiful examples of still life in my opinion. I like how you framed them too, and I agree with the thought that you make a picture, taking time to capture it just as if you had made a painting (a lot faster of course!) I hope you find a way to use that on your phone case.

  4. Isn't fall a great time of year for this challenge? There is so much subject matter available. I love the effect you gave to the picture of the pumpkin. And I also love the spoon in your third picture - I can't quite hear what it is saying to me, but it is definitely saying something. Great job on the challenge.

  5. Very beautiful photos, Mary. These could be made into posters or framed artwork. I love them!

  6. Bravo, I knew that you would excel at this challenge! The theme is right there in your wheelhouse of photography. The compositional simplicity of each of these helps the subject matter to sing. It's difficult to pick a favorite out of this crowd, but I would give a nod to the third one. Lighting, texture, shadows, diagonal - it's a home run. Isn't is great that we can enjoy different types of cameras for different needs, and they all help us create our art? It doesn't matter whether the cameras are complicated or not, the creator of the image is not the camera. It is the photographer.

    P.S. You can get a custom picture phone case made easily these days. Vistaprint, shutterfly, and snapfish are examples of online sources. And if you want to get it done locally, use Wal-mart! You simply upload your picture and choose the design. With the Wal-Mart option, you can pick it up at the store. There are various designs to choose from. You might to want to pick one that doesn't require a crop to the specific size ratio of your phone, but merely adds a black or white background color at the top and bottom of your photo.

  7. These are lovely still life photos, Mary. The frames are great - are they from PicMonkey, too? This was such a fun challenge. The rose clipping arching up and over is airy and warm and bright and mellow all at the same time.

  8. I like the old painting quality you gave your still life photos and the frames do seem finish the edges nicely.

  9. The fruit looks so pretty with the silver spoon....very elegant. Love your Fall pumpkins, too. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  10. Fabulous still life photos! I love all of the great effects you used on them,,,yes, they do look like paintings!

  11. Lovely images - all of them Mary

  12. Each photograph is so beautiful!
    You are a special photographer.

  13. such great them...
    so well done, thank you.

  14. Very, very nice. I love each one! :)

  15. Beautiful. I'm going to steal your idea to put the rose hips in a vase (when I get back home). I'm thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 5s - good to know the picture quality is even better. Your photos are always beautiful, Mary.


  16. I love your textures! I began looking at your photos and every time I looked I found something different! When I first saw the words "still life" I thought it would be boring, but your photos are NOT boring at all. Each time I look at them I feel something different than before. Thank you for sharing them with us! xxDazee

  17. These are wonderful, Mary. So artistic. I love all three. (Thanks for your very, very sweet comment on my blog.) Hugs, Nancy

  18. I am here from Nancy's Joyful Cottage. Your photos are stunning. I am a new follower.

  19. Once again your stylish photography has blown me away, I love the pumpkin photo. The depth and textures you've acheived with it are incredible.

  20. I enjoyed browsing your pics. Thank you.


  21. Stunning like a painting!

  22. mary, your photos have a serene peaceful to them. i would love how to use this method with my canon. love the rose hips!

  23. Great photos, I love the one with the pumpkin, does look old world!


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