Friday, May 29, 2015

Melk, Austria. . . . . . . .

With cobblestone streets and it's majestic abbey, possibly the most famous 
in Austria, Melk was a highlight of the Danube Valley visit. Built between 
1702 and 1736, it stands on an outcrop rising above the river, resplendent in 
a golden hue, crowned by towers. Originally a royal palace, it has ceremonial 
courts, guest apartments, grand halls and a fabulous library containing 80,000 
exquisite medieval manuscripts (no photos permitted sadly).
View of Melk from a window high in the abbey which was presented to the 
Benedictine monks in the 11th century. The highlight is the Stiftskirche
 "Abbey Church" with a jaw-dropping interior of baroque extravaganza.
The monastic community of Melk is more than 900 years old - it is also a 
prestigious monastery school with more than 700 students.

Leaving misty Melk through the abbey gardens - back to the Danube for the scenic sail to 
Passau, our first stop in Germany.


  1. What a splendid abbey! So richly adorned and decorated. Melk commands a very impressive setting. Thanks for the highlights, Mary.

    We were away in Maine, and just came back to DC. It's hot and muggy here, but happy to have the sunshine.

    Look forward to more of your trip.

  2. It all looks so lovely, Mary. To think of the history that has occurred there. Those medieval abbeys really came to life when I read Eco's The Name of the Rose a few years ago. Beautiful photos.

  3. Lovely to see Melk through your eyes and camera. I had wondered about Melk when reviewing river cruises for the future.
    It is beautiful and I would so love walking there.

  4. nice pictures. You are a blessed person

  5. Jaw dropping is the right description for sure Mary! Magnificent and wonderful photos. I love those pleached (is that the right word?) trees like a sunshade in a hedge. Gorgeous! Keep on enjoying and sharing x Jane

  6. The Abbey is really beautiful and the views are gorgeous.

  7. So happy to see a wonderful post on Melk- we were there a few years ago and just loved it! It is majestic!

  8. Everything looks so lovely. To think about the history that has happened there. Those medieval convents truly woke up when I read Eco's The Name of the Rose a couple of years back. Students must enjoy by letting their assignment to cheap coursework and should enjoy the nature of world . Delightful photographs.

  9. Hello everyone, was interesting to read your article. Usually i'm reading New York Times , but now i will read you too! (


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