Sunday, May 10, 2015

The onward journey. . . . . .

Since my last post on reaching Vienna, things have been exciting, enlightening and downright crazy!
Since Internet continues to be very sloooow here on the ship . . . . . . oh by the way, 
we are now ensconced on another ship. . . . . . .more on that later, I haven't time to write 
but will just post a few pix here so you can see the lovely scenery we've passed along 
the way as we left Austria and are making our way through beautiful Germany.

Bamburg, Germany

The flooding of the Danube River and Main Canal has caused water to be too high 
to pass under many bridges. Viking had to send another ship to meet us beyond the 
problem bridges, then bus us to the point of the new embarkation - we had to 
pack up and leave the Aegir and join the Lif for the remainder of the cruise.
Tonight we are in Koblenz, Germany, having sailed all day along the 
Rhine River enjoying the beautiful castles and vineyards, and will be heading to 
Bonn/Cologne during the night.


  1. Lovely photos, lovely couple. Thanks for sharing Mary. xo

  2. Oh wow!! I have been enjoying your trip and these pictures are fantastic!!

  3. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your adventures.
    Take care and travel with delight.

  4. Such amazing views. I especially like the castle in the middle of the bridge.

  5. I have been sharing your trip with The Great Dane, as I think that this may be our next. You have described it all so well! It's too bad that you've had to change ships - one of the advantages of any cruise is that there isn't the packing and unpacking. Ah well - it will be a good story to tell!
    You are now in one of my all-time favourite parts of Europe. I love Koblenz, the Mosel, the Rhine...........too, too beautiful!

  6. You're having an adventure! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

  7. Enjoying your pictures from your trip, which seems to be bringing lots of excitement,

  8. When I first visited Germany it really blew my mind - I had not realised what stunning fairytale architecture there was to be seen - we travelled down the Moselle when we were there. Your photos are lovely - glad that you are enjoying a lovely visit.

  9. Mary, I'm following your adventure as we have been considering that exact trip as our next adventure and first foray into canal boats! We've seen the areas several times from land, but your photos of the shorelines from the water vantage point makes me want to go again soon. I hope you will share more info and photos about the canal boat experience itself. We usually like to have the leisure of remaining in a town or city for extra days as we go along, but there are other advantages to being on a chartered trip. I would love to hear your opinions! Thanks for the beautiful photos. Linda

  10. Gorgeous photos, Mary! looks like you're having a brilliant time.

  11. Dear Mary, I know this part of the world so well. We will be driving along the Rhine and in to Italy in a few months.
    The picture of the flowers took my breath away. I need to study your photograph carefully and make a list of the different annuals pictured.
    Looking forward to read more about your trip.

  12. Spectacular photos, darling ! I am loving this .. wonderful !

  13. Spectacular photos, darling ! I am loving this .. wonderful !

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you, thank you for sharing these fantastic photos. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more.
    Farm Gal in VA

  15. Gorgeous countryside and architecture! It all sounds wonderful and I wish you continued safe travels. xx Pamela

  16. Oh the architecture simply blows me away - your photography is amazing!
    What a pleasurable trip - I think I could easily manage a river cruise, sitting on the outer deck with glass in hand admiring that fabulous scenery! Good company is important too!

  17. Another humdinger of a holiday Mary!
    Rose H
    xx xx

  18. Morning Mary, we have booked to go on a Viking Cruise next April 2016. We are going on the Danube Waltz one on the Gefjon. We could only afford a standard cabin so hoping it won't be too restricted. Although it looks like the ship has good indoor and outdoor seating. Just hope the European weather doesn't let us down. I know a holiday is what you make it and you always make yours look such fun!!
    I believe you were in Barcelona about the same time as us in October, we had a lovely time. I have always wanted to go to the Sagrada Familia and we weren't disappointed, I booked the tickets before we left the UK. Also loved the Cathedral and the Basilica.
    I am afraid I don't have much time to write my blog but I love keeping in touch with a few and I remembered you did a river cruise this year so I went back to see your posts.

    Remembrance Sunday and I am sure it means a lot to you as your dad was a military man. Going to watch the Cenotaph on the TV soon, watched the Albert Hall last night very moving, only spoilt by the awful singing of Pixie Lott.

    Love Jackie.x


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