Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sharing homes in the bird world. . . . . .

The House wren - our latest Home Sweet Home tenant

This was a surprise on our return home! The little painted birdhouse hanging 
on the front porch, a sweet gift from my neighbor last year, has become a very 
popular home for our smallest garden birds.
It first housed the Carolina wrens last Spring, then early this Spring a pair of 
chickadees built a nest and raised a family - those babies must have fledged 
whilst we were in Europe.
Now we have new tenants, the House wrens (above) - a wee bit smaller than
the Carolina wren, all brown, and without the white 'eyebrow'.

This Carolina wren nested here last year, the first tenant

One of the pair of Black-capped chickadees on the porch early this Spring - they nested 
and raised a family in the little birdhouse

I've tried to see inside the house but this little bird squawks at me! 
I did hold my camera up when it was gone, but could only see a blur of twigs and 
such - not certain there are any eggs yet.  
The pressing question for me is - are these three birds using the same nest or has 
each one cleaned it out and started over? 
I did see the chickadees bring twigs back in April but have never seen birds 
taking nesting materials out. There is no way to open the house and
it just has that one small entry hole.

Are you enjoying your garden birds now Spring is here?
Don't you find their habits quite mesmerizing?


  1. That surely is the prettiest little birdhouse ever. No wonder it is so popular. :) I do wonder what they do since each bird has its own unique way of nest building. Interesting subject to ponder. I do love birdwatching. It's the only time I use my big girl camera. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  2. The birdhose is easy to make, the painting would be a problem for me

  3. How wonderful that your pretty bird house has had several tenants! We have hung our humming bird feeder and have hummers stopping by for a drink.

  4. Birds are just so very special. I have enjoyed hearing about the birds in your Home Sweet Home house. What a joy to observe. I have been watching a bluebird nest but, alas, something (I think a starling) has broken up the nest that had 5 eggs in it. So sad.
    Farm Gal in VA

  5. Dear Mary, How wonderful that your garden provides an environment where so many special birds have decided to make it their home.

  6. That is such a cheery yellow home for the little birds! What pretty decorations have been painted on it too. As I was reading your post I had the same question about whether they are all using the same nest. I wonder if they do the same thing out in the wild? Perhaps someone handy can cut a back door that can be opened when no birds are in residence, for cleaning out!

  7. Yes, I love watching the birds in the yard. How sweet to see several different birds nest in your cute little house.
    We are enjoying the hummingbirds fluttering about.

  8. Sweet pics of the birds and their 'joint' housing. Interesting to see which ones are actually in it. We have nesting tree swallows in the birdhouse and lots of hummingbirds at the feeders. The swallows are really busy and I think nesting has begun.


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