Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A touch of France and visiting Tournus . . . . . . . .

Bringing angels home from France - a find at the brocante in Carcassonne.

The ex voto on the little velvet pillow with golden tassels is new - found in
 a small shop in the crypt of the ancient Romanesque St. Philibert Abbey in
 Tournus - a beautiful ancient former Benedictine Abbey, c. 950.
My dining room display is just about complete - how much more can I cram
in here. Of course, with the holiday season waiting in the wings (no pun intended)
I will be tweaking it somewhat, adding the santos' golden wings, and
some Christmas greenery and sparkle later.

St. Philibert Abbey, Tournus

The reposing cherub was a sweet gift from my friend Sharon from Blackpool, 
England who was traveling with us - she snapped it up at a 'vide grenier' 
(street market) alongside the river at Tournus.

Around Tournus


  1. Wouldn't I love to stroll into any one of those shops and restaurants! Lovely photos, all, Mary. They give a real sense of Tournus.
    I look forward to seeing more of your dining room as THE season approaches.

  2. I just love the window with the lace curtain! It's perfect! Thank you for sharing your travels with us and for the beautiful pictures.

  3. Wonderful photos, Mary, as always. So much to see and absorb! The first photo really caught my attention too...an amazing little scene, it speaks so much to me. I have been enjoying your posts.

  4. What a wonderful place. I love seeing it through your eyes.

  5. As always, lovely pictures. I love architectural pictures. It hints at the personality of the community. Lovely!

  6. I want to be there. Beautiful!!! Lovely collection of angel memorabilia. Love the window in the background too. I was just planning a window for my mantel for the holidays. What treasures you have. I just love seeing your artistry in decorating.

  7. Exquisite! I ALWAYS love seeing your photos from your travels. Thank you!

  8. Wonderful photos! I love France. It's always great to travel and stroll!

  9. I daydream about moving to France and having a house ... and going to the shops and markets and buying shutters and pottery etc.
    I might have to find a very rich old man lol .... or win the lottery ..

  10. Stunning photos, Mary, so full of beauty and romance.

  11. Dear Mary, I love this post. The colors are so soft and beautiful. You have the Artists eye and combine that with your considerable photographic skills, and you end up with a most stunning post. Thank you for sharing your last trip to Europe with us.


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