Friday, November 20, 2015

Ready to eat this weekend. . . . . . . . .

I thought perhaps, with the pre-Thanksgiving weekend upon us, we need to think about 
what to eat. After all, most of you here in the US will be out shopping for your
big meal on Thursday, additional cooking at home may not be something
 you plan this weekend.

I also believe we all need some cheering up and comfort food often helps.
What could be better than sharing food photos I took in France last month.
There, as in much of Europe, the outdoor and indoor markets are remarkable
 places abundant in everything 'gastronomique'.
Copious amounts of ready-to-cook and already cooked foods, overflow from
 market baskets, crates, counters, bakeries, and street vendors ovens.
One could never go hungry here, and one doesn't have to think that only the
home kitchen can produce great tasting, healthy food!
All these wonderful foods were top quality - let's face it, the French know 
food, how to choose the ingredients, preparation, cooking, serving.
The actual eating is like theatre, with a great glass of wine - the final act lasts
 long, with appetite satiated, company enjoyed whether with one special person
or a great group of family or friends.

Yes, I have to repeat, the French know their food and we thank them 
for educating us when it comes to cooking and eating.
Bon appétit!

I just know you found something here you would like to get your hands on!
 Whether you want to fill your market basket with the veggies and cook from scratch,
 or just grab one of those beautiful pastries calling to you from the pâtisserie
display, everything will be fresh, flavorful and perfect.

After all - this is France and they know food.


  1. Dear Mary, You are so right. The French know their food and they also know their ingredients. Your beautiful photos have just confirmed.that. When we travel to France we always rent the same apartment. It has a small but very efficient kitchen and the best epicurean delights can be found just around the corner.

  2. What beautiful food! I love how the Europeans make dinner last a long time and sit and talk over their delicious food and wine. I wish it were that way here! I'm naturally a very slow eater and especially when food is extra delicious and should be savored, I'm dismayed when my fellow diners gulp their food down as if they're not even tasting it.

  3. Well, now I am starving and a peanut butter sandwich will have to do.

  4. Oh boy, I see some pastries I'd love to try! Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mary.

  5. FOOD! FOOOOD! I can´t wait to go back to society and have some real food! I really loved your photos: they perfectly sum up the light there is in this part of the year!

  6. Such a nostalgic moment for me! Thank you for taking me back to a country that I love...just for a brief visit!
    Thank you also for your kind words on my last post.

  7. Mary, the European markets are filled with tempting choices. I admit that the fresh baked goodies are a favorite thing about visiting France. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  8. What a gorgeous buffet of photos from French markets. I had to look up what a Tresse Landaise is - sounds delicious! The vegetables and fruits make me want to get out some cookbooks and start cooking. But it's 9 pm, so I'll wait until tomorrow. The markets of Europe are truly beautiful with their displays of so many kinds of produce and products.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Mary.

  9. Oh God... Now I'm really hungry. I would have a ball shopping there.

  10. I just put on at least 5 kilos.....thank you.

  11. Wishing I could reach right in several photos and partake. Ohhhh, so good.


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