Friday, November 6, 2015

Come to the Fête de la Pomme. . . . . .

Fête de la Pomme, la Foire, an annual October fair for the apple. . . . . . this one being
 the eighteenth such Autumn celebration in this charming village of Aigues-Vive.
  A pleasant country drive through vineyards and farmland, not far from where my
 brother John and his wife Alison live, this small village of approximately 2,600
 welcomed huge crowds from the surrounding area in the department of Gard in
 the region of Languedoc-Roussillion. 

A brilliant warm, sunny Sunday morning - we arrived early and managed to 
look around before the crowds became heavy, loud, but obviously happy and
thankful for so much fun, entertainment, and an abundance of fabulous
 foodstuffs to buy and take home to their kitchens.

There was a fabulous band, school children singing, displays of incredible
farm and grape harvesting equipment. . . . . . and stands offering everything
delicious from fresh apples and juice (free cups of the best just pressed juice ever),
 to honey, jams, cheeses, vegetables,sausages, crepes, chestnuts, eggs, 
garlic. . . . . plus yarn, lavender products, and so much more. 
The French certainly know how to do the outdoor market that's for sure!

This gentleman was selling his family-made jewelry. I especially liked the
 polished wood pieces and tucked some in my bag to bring home. . . . 
and of course now wish I'd bought a lot more!

Hope you enjoyed a stroll around the colorful French apple fair.


  1. Thank you Mary for showing us how other countries celebrate fall. Very pretty.

  2. How blessed you are to be able to experience the cultural life in other countries! Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. What beautiful photos, Mary. I would have brought home a few pieces of his jewellery, too. Deb

  4. There is that sort of thing going on up here, Upstate NY, land of apple orchards. But boy do I wish I was in France instead ! :)

  5. What a fabulous festival! Love the necklaces and the artist is pretty darn cute!

    1. . . . . . and although his English was lacking, his friendliness was lovely!!
      I so wish now that I'd bought many more pieces - they really are so well made for the price.

      Mary -

  6. I love apples so I would have enjoyed that and felt right at home seeing the fruit bins( same as ours ). The footprint cheese is interesting?

  7. I'm so impressed - sounds absolutely fabulous. So much to see and do.

  8. I would love to visit a market like this-I look at the photo you took with the little boy and I think how great it is that he grows up with this abundance of fresh food for all around...he looks delighted!

    You look terrific, Mary.

    Miss you (and Bob, too, of course)!!

    Jane x

  9. Dear Mary, I love European market days. Wherever we go I always ask where the weekly market is taking place. My favorite thing to shop for are checked blue and white and red and white tablecloths.
    Love your photographs.

  10. Such a colourful market, and by the looks of it someone couldn't wait to take a bite of one of the apples on display! I do love to visit markets such as these for their variety of food and home made goods and the sense of community. This looks amazing to visit. Take care xx

    1. Chel, I didn't notice the bite out of the apple until I looked at my photo! So funny.
      It was such a fun morning there - and beautiful weather.
      Mary -


  12. How many times do we wish we'd more of something we've seen, and now unable to to buy. That Fete de la Pomme certainly looked well worth a visit .

  13. Thank you for more french memories....always beautiful pics and stories.

  14. Yes, the French do know how to do an open air market. Seeing the apples in the bins reminded me of the Apple Fair here in Portland each year. Wishing they had the children musicians entertaining. The wood jewelry sounds very special too.


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