Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall/Winter Fashion for the mountains. . . . . . . . . .

Heading north for a little trip to the mountains of North Carolina and into Tennessee
and Virginia. At last some dry sunny weather here, should be the same there BUT much 
colder, perhaps even down to freezing at night.
I'll be prepared.

I love cold weather dressing. 
Top coats, sweater coats, jackets, cardigans, felt cloche hats, voluminous
 wraps and chunky soft scarves, silky pashminas. Warm leggings,
 stretchy skinnies, ponte knit pants, all to tuck into boots. 

I bought this Lou & Grey sweater last week. I love the asymmetrical side slit, extra
 long sleeves which can be cuffed, high crew neckline to add a scarf, and the knit
 is soft and non-scratchy. The store, a spin off of LOFT, is just 2 minutes from
home - I've loved it since the opening just a year ago. 
The burgundy sweater is from H&M - inexpensive, but soft and comfy, with
a back neck zipper detail, longer back and curved sides. I also bought it in
olive - hey when you really like something buy extras.

Cool weather footwear - another favorite. Style and substance compared to flimsy
sandals and flip flops. Tall riding boots, short ankle boots, chunky lace-up Oxfords,
 classic loafers. . . . . .all kind to my feet on a cold day, often with my cozy polka dot,
striped, or cashmere socks, and of course that always great wardrobe item,
the scarf - can't have too many!

I found these burgundy leather wing-tip Oxfords in France last month
 and couldn't resist - good price to begin with and the store offered an
 extra 15% discount. They are so comfortable and I'm really enjoying wearing
 them - they are traveling north with me, along with a pair of tall boots.

Which season is your favorite when it comes to clothes?


  1. Amei conhecer o seu blog, já fiquei por aqui!!!Achei maravilhoso!!!
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  2. Love your clothing choices Mary. Have fun on your trip. Hope you and Bob can make it this was sometime!

    1. Ahh Penny dear - we will miss having you in our mountains!! That's why we decided instead of Asheville we'd go to a few places we've not visited in many years - but I will definitely miss our usual Autumn weekend in beautiful Asheville. Hope to get your way perhaps in Spring.
      Mary -

  3. These are beautiful wardrobe choices for your trip to the mountains Mary. The scarf is so pretty. I recently bought 2 identical casual tops but in different colours. Why not. :) I like low boots, jeans, a cozy coat, scarf and sweaters and have been wearing them, depending on the day's weather (which has been too nice for too much cozy), since October. Don't forget leather gloves! I have to keep my hands warm. Have fun! I hope the weather is lovely.

    1. Oh yes, definitely lovely gloves - soft leather, knitted, or fleece!
      Glad you are having warmish weather still Pamela - know it will help make your usually cold Winter shorter!
      Mary -

  4. Fall is definitely my favorite season for clothes. Well, I'd say for everything! I love the warmth of a snuggly sweater. I'd wear sweaters year round if I didn't have to live with the HOT Texas summers. You'll find me in cotton sweaters most of the year when temps permit. Warm, wooly cashmere are a favorite for winter.
    Love your picks, especially that gorgeous scarf. The shoes look like a great find! Have fun in the mountains.

  5. You are so stylish! I love all your selections and even your words about them. Enjoy your visit to the winter mountains.

  6. Love what you share with fashion. The shoes are yummy! Sweaters - wonderful! I have been eyeing some tunic length wrap sweaters from J.Jill. I think I will succumb soon. Need some new pashima scarves.

  7. I'm a cozy sweater girl, too, Mary. I love layers and leggings and big cozy socks. I love the sweaters you bought. They are gorgeous. And those shoes!!! My goodness... they are awesome. The scarf is pretty and so important. I love a nice, warm scarf to finish things off. You will look and feel wonderful on your mountain trip. Deb

  8. No, I'm a Spring and Summer person, Mary. I wear thick sweaters in Winter just to be warm, but would far rather be in a Tshirt!

  9. I don't know that I have a favorite season for dressing. By late summer, early autumn, I'm eagerly awaiting the cozy sweaters and layers, but by late spring I'm ready to cast them aside for fluttery skirts and sleeveless tops. I do think your selections are lovely. Have a wonderful trip to the mountains.

  10. I'm not much into fashion and you'd more likely find me at home wearing yoga pants and hoodies (when it's cold) due to comfort. However, when I go out, I do like my skinny jeans and cardigans with scarves.


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