Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sunday neighborhood walk. . . . .

On Sunday afternoon, with a much welcomed break from the downpours of 
 recent days, we took a long walk around the neighborhood.
Cool and sunless, but not cold, just a lightweight jacket, and for me 
a scarf as I love a warm neck, worked.

At the small park the trees are now dropping their leaves into the pond which is very high from so much rain.
There were just a few Canada geese and a pair of ducks swimming peacefully.

Have you noticed how walking through a carpet of fallen leaves always seems 
to recall childhood memories?
 Both Bob and I talked about this as we joyfully kicked the golden
 piles underfoot. It's really wonderful that aging continues to bring
 simple pleasures - I believe they are the best ones - and those childhood 
games, so important in our development, are imprinted on our minds forever.

Do you jump in the Autumn leaves?


  1. The third pic of the duck swimming with all the beautiful colors in the water...wow!

  2. Our walks have been short, and very wet, recently. But we're promised sun this afternoon! And cold temperatures! Very excited here.

  3. Enjoyed tagging along with you on your walk,seeing all those lovely photos. Mr France and I feel the same about kicking leaves, the joy and mischievous moments from our childhood days.

  4. That is a sweet photo of the cat, Mary. The pond looks beautiful with the calm reflections, leaves, ducks and geese. We had a gorgeous day here with sunshine and warm temperatures (14C). Great for finishing up some yard work.
    xo Pam

  5. A beautiful walk! Today was sunny here finally!

  6. I do enjoy kicking up those autumn leaves, too. It's an autumn ritual! Coloured leaves on water make for such pretty photos.

  7. Your photos are fabulous - just brings Autumn right to us. Growing up in Southeast Alaska where there are very few deciduous trees, jumping in and scuffling along in leaves was not a part of my growing up days. Don grew up in Wisconsin and adores autumn and the leaves and the scents (I, however prefer the fresher scent of a pine tree) and he loves to walk along in the leaves - one of his favorites.

  8. These are gorgeous pictures and I'm so glad your weather played a great part in letting you and Bob get out to enjoyed the beauty around you.

    It's very odd, Mary. My mother was Irish and had dark auburn hair. I was the only child of seven who closely resembled her and my hair was a reddish/light brown. I always loved the colors we wore in the fall in preparation for winter...deep plums and rust and brown. And I could always pull these colors off so well in contrast to summer pastels. Does this sound weird? I felt an affinity with nature at that time of year. Now I may not reflect these colors physically, but I enjoy wearing the vibrant colors!

    All the best to you and Bob...

    Jane xx

  9. Sweet Mary, what a lovely post and such wonderful images - love the little puss. Thank you for your sweet comments the other day.
    Oh, yes I LOVE to kick up the crispy Autumn leaves!
    Keep well sweet friend.
    Rose H
    xx xx xx

  10. Dear Mary, could not have said it better. Those are the perks of getting a little older. And yes, I still like to swish through a thick layer of colorful Autumn leaves.

  11. Wishing I could jump, but I do love shuffling through the leaves. Ahhhh, childhood memories. What beautiful photos. Loved the golden trees and also the reflection on the water.


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