Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trumpeting in the Autumn garden!

I just had to do a follow-up to yesterday's post!
Look at those trumpets - the rains of the past few days
 must have quenched their thirst. Even the re-blooming azaleas
 are colorful again, and the sweet potato vines seemed to have
had a growth spurt overnight. The garden is beautiful again.
Nature never ceases to amaze.


  1. I guess we all need a drink of water from time to time!! Those plants really responded, didn't they? Hugs.

  2. Dear Mary, What beautiful vignettes...everywhere in your garden. Your trumpet vine is stunning. My garden is now ready to go to sleep. We've had the first snow last night.

  3. Gorgeous, but I can't believe your azaleas bloomed again. Spectacular.

  4. They are gorgeous, Mary! And the azaleas blooming in the fall too? Amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Hugs. Pam

  5. Your trumpet vine is amazing!!!! Ours has bloomed only one time in all the years we have lived in our house. Jim threatens to pull it out and plant something else. Yes, gardens delight us when least expected.

  6. So pretty! There is nothing like a good rain to perk up the garden.

  7. Amazing trumpets. And azaleas! How great is that!

  8. Wow, those angel trumpets are amazing. I've never seen them before!


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